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Proxy Tyranids

I have plenty of Sedition Wars models lying around, the Human Vanguard have been painted, but there are loads of the Strain that are not getting much attention.

With the expansion of my old Tyranid army, I thought I could proxy some of the models into Tyranid service.

Some of these will get used as Pyrovores and the two larger critters as something else…

40K Game

It seems like ages since I rolled any dice in anger, but in reality it has only been a couple of weeks. And it will be a while longer as the world battles this very real crisis.

One would think that staying at home would mean plenty of time to paint figures and get ready for the return of some sort of normality, but I am really busy actually working…

A while back I posted a bunch of pictures of a large battle between a combined Blood Angels and Grey Knights Task Force versus a Death Guard host.

Before the lockdown, Mr Steinberg and I had another large game, this time a Grey Knights force lead by Inquisitor Coteaz and a small retinue going up against the Old Foe, The Death Guard.

I set up my industrial terrain again, but this time with more open space and less towers.

I used the Coteaz and Retinue profiles from White Dwarf, but they really were not very good. Although it is fun to add a varied unit of soldiers, they are not very well trained or armoured for an Inquisitors Retinue and they were little more than a speed bump.

Mr Steinberg’s Death Guard are a spectacular army across the table, all nauseating green and putrid pustules.

We had agreed what vehicles we would be taking before the game to make sure it would be as balanced as possible.

…so there was a Land Raider on each side.

I was overly impressed with Inquisitor Coteaz’s Psychic abilities, they did not benefit the Grey Knights or the soon to be deceased Retinue. They may work better with an allied Imperial Guard army.

A Grey Knights Purgation unit with Psycannons and a Mortis Class Dreadnought with four Autocannon’s should be able to hold the flank, right?

There were objectives to hold and these randomly changed each turn to make it more interesting, this was a scenario from a White Dwarf a while back.

The Blight Drones with their speed, flamer attacks and probes can make a mess of most things, including a Land Raider.

If you shoot something enough, it will go down, the massed firepower of the Purgation squad and the Mortis Dreadnought eventually killed the tentacled Death Guard Dread.

The Mortis Dreadnought went down and the Purgation fell back to some cover to make their last stand…

The Grey Knights were falling too fast and not taking enough of the Death Guard down, it was only a matter of time before they were overwhelmed.

A really good game again, I just need a a little more firepower, maybe the Leviathan Knight will help next time.

40K Battle

On the rare occaision we get a weekend game organised, it is great to have the time to set up a complex table of terrain, get loads on toy soldiers on the table, eat pizza, roll buckets of dice and have a thoroughly enjoyable day.

It does take me ages to actually get the pictures online, this battle was played some time ago, my Grey Knights and Blood Angels against a massive horde of Death Guard.

So I am not going to make any comments, just leave this big list of picture here…

Steampunk Cavalry?

It has been a while since I got excited about some new Games Workshop models, but with the recent announcement about the new Zoat, these Adeptus Mechanicus cavalary make two in one week.

Although I won’t be doing an Adeptus Mechanicus army any time soon, there are quite a few models in the range that are steampunky enough to be added to one of my Steam Wars armies.

These are just the sort of mechanical horses I have been wanting for some time. I guess it is three to a box?

Zoats Are Back

Maybe not plural really, but a Zoat model will be making a return for Blackstone Fortress.

Although I do not play Blackstone Fortress, I hope this model is available separately so I can get one, or two if there are build options. This may finally give me the kick up the backside to actually start making my Zoat army, as this model is the army leader I have been looking for.

There is a large pile of classic Zoat models up in The Loft Full Of Lead that I was picking up from eBay some time ago.

Only one of the old classic models has been repainted, for use in Rogue Stars, but I may just have to start putting some more together.

Whats On The Table?

As I have regenerated my old Tyranid army for 40K, I wanted to convert a few of my really old Genestealer models to represent the one-in-four in a unit that can have an Acid Maw and Flesh Hooks.

All I did was cut out the tongue, actually called an Ovipositor, and replaced it with a Flesh Hook. A few others had some green stuff added to represent goo dripping out of the mouth.

I also decided to reposition some of the arms so they are not all the same pose, after all, these were the original plastic one pose Space Hulk Genestealers from the last century…in 1989 in fact.