Dark Legion Commander

I picked up this chap from a bits box at a wargames show many many years ago. He was only missing one arm, so I grafted on a GW Power Claw to finish him off.
With the “build your own” model option in Warzone, this guy will feature at some stage. In my No Limits Duat army, the model will be the commander.

Warzone Dark Legion Proxies?

The Loft Full Of Lead contains all sorts of goodies, including these Dark Age Models inspired by the art of Brom.
Not sure if all will make it into a Warzone army, a couple may just get used in the No Limits Duat army instead.
The figure in the foreground could work as Golgotha…

The Prussian Army

In all their (unpainted) glory, the whole of the Prussian Scrunt army from Bob Olley’s recent Kickstarter. It is the painting challenge ahead.
If only the weather would warm up a bit, I could get into the garage and undercoat them all. When there is too much dampness in the air, I find spray undercoating to be a risky business, models can end up looking very grainy.

It is getting serious now, the painting backlog is building up and now includes four Zeppelins for the Prussians, three steampunk tanks for the Brits and more Meridian infantry.