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Heresy Inspectors

These have been in the painting backlog for ages so I decided to do a quick contrast paint and regular paint job on them.

I used a blue contrast paint for the tunics and then just used regular paint for the rest of the detail.

When they were done, I still used a wash of Army Painter Dark Tone over them.

…and just because I could, I used my transporter as the setting for the pictures.

Fist Full Of Kung Foo Gang

Fist Full Of Kung Foo is a skirmish game that requires a nice small number of models. It was easy enough to have a quick rummage through The Loft Full Of Lead and dig up some appropriate chaps to fight mu corner.

A Fist Full Of Kung Foo gang has a Protagonist, a gang leader who is the star of the show. All of the other other models are Extras and are very much expendable. For my gangs Protagonist, I picked a Hero Cop and selected this fine upstanding character from Aberrant Games.
These two are from Hasslefree, a zombie hunter with a shotgun and a cricket bat and a Lara lookalike.
If I remember right, the middle figure is from Hasslefree and the other two chaps are from Heresy.
These next three are all from the old Target Games Warzone range, I think all three are Agents. These never got used in my Warzone forces, I just liked the models.
I really can’t remember who made these two lovely ladies.
As a gang for Fist Full Of Kung Foo they work well, a nice mix of individual models, but as the rules say, don’t get too attached to the Extras.