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Rogue Stars Models

I have managed to finish off a few random models this week, in a vain attempt to make way for new stuff, but there is still more to clear yet.

This batch are for Rogue Stars and any other miscellaneous sci-fi games I get into.

The first two are Aberrant Games models, both law keepers and so destined for a Space Cops crew, really nice models.

A blast from the past is this old Imperial Psyker, I had a bit of trouble getting some old paint off of it, but after a quick paintjob, he will join the Star Cops crew.

I thought these two Spartan Games models would make interesting armoured SWAT type models. As I was undecided what colour to go for, and they had been undercoatd in white, I opted for a Stormtrooper paint scheme, then again, that is just lazy.

A spare Karman model got a repaint, not sure what for yet, but he came up quite nice.

Finally, a Westwind armoured chap, originally for the Japanese Weird War II force, but using a Space Marine head, he is now a general hero type dude.


Industrial Table

Before a planned “big 40K game” I set up all of the industrial terrain I have been building to see if anything was missing. After more than 18 months of designing, building and painting, the whole lot covered a 6×4 table and I have to say it looked pretty damn good!

The dice tower is not really suitable for a large 40K game, it is better suited to Rogue Stars or Kill Team. Chucking 40 Storm Bolter dice down it just would not work. But it still works as a bit of terrain regardless of the rules system.

There are loads of walkways connecting all of the towers, I have found that the extra wide walkways work best one level down from the top of a tower, makes it easier to get a hand in there to move the models around.

Down at ground level, there are loads of new bits that connect the ground plates together. I have been making several different designs, trying to find one that is my favourite, so far there are a few designs that I like.

This vent design below is made from a couple of plastic bottle lids with mdf bits inserted.

For a bit of variety, I have made some raised sections, particularly good as a landing pad for a really big ship.

There are also some very long walkways, a great idea and they look great, but models tend not to move very far during a turn, so I can see a squad being left out on a walkway and vulnerable to enemy fire.

The large X piece below is another experimental design for linking ground sections together.

The next set of industrial terrain pictures will be of a 150 Power per side game, Death Guard against an aliance of Grey Knights and Blood Angels.

Airbrushing The Quinjet

Ages ago, I did a quick bit of modelling on a plastic Avengers Quinjet, nothing fancy, I just added some wheels. This was mainly to be some scenery at a space port or something.

I put off painting it for ages as I decided to wait until I got a new airbrush and use it as another test piece. The top was okay, in fact I was quite pleasd with the cammo effect I managed, but I did get some nasty splatter on the underneath. I also decided I did not like the blue very much.

I can fix that…

Ark Conversion

This is the Transformers model that I bought for next to nothing on eBay. I have removed all the internal crap and glued plastic over all the openings I could see from the inside, of which there were lots.

It actually did not take long and in the greater scheme of things, this was one of the quickest conversions I have done, it only took three episodes of Game Of Thrones (I’m watching series 2 again).

Now for undercoating with my new compressor, in white this time…

Transformers Ark

One of the many problems with eBay is that I keep using it to buy crap. Luckily this Transformers Ark only cost a couple of quid, when I say a couple of quid, I actually mean £1.90 which was too good to turn down really.

I am going to strip out all of the interior, cover all the holes from the inside and then glue it so it does not transform any more. As I now have a new compressor for my airbrush, this will be one of my test pieces to practice on before I attempt painting anything important.

Transporter Detail

The interior gubbins has been finished off, the screens have been added and it is just about finished. I think.

The bridge has three screens on the main wall, and looks quite good.

The back wall of the bridge has a famous nebula display…

The green screen displays are not brilliant, but taken overall, they will have to do.

The EVA suits came up very nice.

The rear part is the engineering section with some Star Trek screens.

The Med bay area with medical bed and medical screens.

I may add a few more lengths of wire as it looks quite good.

When the lights are on, the red tubes illuminate nicely.

Now I need to work on the landing pad for it.