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Leviathan Crusader Torso

There is not much to the body of the Leviathan Crusader, apart from the spine and a box for the arms and head to attach, that is about it.

I did have some new help during the build, the main problem was keeping anything that could hurt the little chap out of paws reach.

The finished torso looks like it was a Games Workshop design for the Grey Knights.

Just because I could, I have made up an LED circuit to provide lighting inside the helmet. It took longer to make the mounting for the on/off switch.

I am still a bit worried about undercoating the whole thing…

Leviathan Crusader Weapon

The is indeed a very big gun, but not the biggest that a Leviathan Crusader can carry.
The next weapon build will be the H.E.L. Cannon. That looks like it will be the height of an Imperial Knight.

Leviathan Crusader Started

This is a very big box of bits, the Dreamforge Leviathan Crusader.

I bought this model years ago as I thought it would go with my Grey Knights really well, the helmet design is a perfect match for later generation Grey Knight Terminators.

It is quite a complicated kit and it got put on a shelf to collect dust for a while. And I do mean a while.

I also had no idea how to go about painting it. As it is a fully articulated model, I thought I should paint each component before building, something that would take some time to do. This is another reason it has sat around for ages.

But now that I am playing 40K again and models the size of Imperial Knights actually have decent rules and I have an airbrush, I am building the damn thing.

So starting with the feet, I am working my way up the model. By the time I got to the top of the leg, I realised this will be considerably taller than an Imperial Knight. I think I will need a homebrew 40K profile for this model, something that is in between a Knight and a Titan.

Whats On The Table?

As I have regenerated my old Tyranid army for 40K, I wanted to convert a few of my really old Genestealer models to represent the one-in-four in a unit that can have an Acid Maw and Flesh Hooks.

All I did was cut out the tongue, actually called an Ovipositor, and replaced it with a Flesh Hook. A few others had some green stuff added to represent goo dripping out of the mouth.

I also decided to reposition some of the arms so they are not all the same pose, after all, these were the original plastic one pose Space Hulk Genestealers from the last century…in 1989 in fact.

Bounty Hunter

This is an old i-Kore model from teh Celtos range from a good few years ago. Although I used most of the models for a Treefolk Dragon Rampant unit, I had a spare character model that was pointing and just begging for a gun to be added, in this case a shotgun.

I plan to use her in a Rogue Stars Bounty Hunter or Mercenary crew, but she will need to be a “difficult target” as she is definitely not wearing any protective gear. Maybe a buckle secreted force field?