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Whats On The Table?

Recently the weather has been to nice to paint models and the nine to five job has been rather hectic. Consequently, not much has been worked on.

On one of the very nice hot days, I did sit in the garden with my Dystopian Legions Ke-Ho resin tank and clean up the mold lines. I was using a nice new scalpel blade. You can guess what happened next…a couple of fingers were out of action for a while.

Anyway, I had planned to paint the last of my Dwarf models for Dragon Rampant, but only had time and working fingers to paint a chariot.

Having painted it mostly red, I have already decided that I don’t like the colour scheme much. Perhaps when it is finished I will be happier.

Boors Warriors

For a week or so in May, the Dragon Rampant group on Fakebook ran a painting challenge, which was to simply pick a few models and get them done in seven days. A bit of encouragement like that always helps me to get my butt in gear, so I decided to actually finish of a few old Rackham Tir-Na-Bor dwarfs to bring my Dragon Rampant units up to twelve models in each.

First up I painted six Boors to add to the six I was already using in Frostgrave.
Army Painter Strong Tone is then lavishly applied to the block painted models and the job is done.

Twelve of these make a four point Belicose foot unit for Dragon Rampant.