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6mm Mechs

I do like my old Battletech Mechs.
The Madcat…
…and Daishi are great designs.
I have the old Battletech card game from 1996 (Holy Zarquon’s Singing Fish, that is twenty years ago) somewhere in Loft Full Of Lead and I really should dig it out and re-read the rules.

Of course that would no doubt lead to wanting to buy more suitably scaled Mechs for use in Horizon Wars…or maybe even Mr Steinbergs own Tiny Wars (coming soon).

6mm Mechs

As I mentioned before, these two old Battletech Mechs have been in the Loft Full Of Lead for a ridiculously long time, they were actually still in their blister packs. I could not believe what they go for on eBay, but I have always liked the Madcat in particular so it was going to get painted for Horizon Wars no matter what.
As the profile rules in Horizon Wars are entirely up to players, I can run either of these Mechs as Medium or Heavy.

6mm Mechs

I have had these two old Battletech Mechs in the Loft Full Of Lead for many many years. The arrival of Horizon Wars has encouraged me to put them together ready for a game or two.

The Madcat is my favourite Mech design, I don’t know what is that I like about it over other Mechs, it just appeals to me.
The Daishi is another clean design with plenty of weapons. Being nice small models, they will not take long to paint.
Finally got some nice warm weather this weekend so I have been able to undercoat some more models including these Mechs.

6mm Army

I am now ready for my first bash at Horizon Wars. My next step is to work out an army list with the available models. I guess if I get desperate, I can always get some reinforcements from the Epic 40K Imperial Guard or Space Marines I have in the Loft Full Of Lead, but it does look like the model count for Horizon Wars is quite small.

Click the image to go large!

6mm Mech

I have had this model for a couple of decades I think, I really can’t remember where it came from, who makes it or why I bought it. As a first Mech for Horizon Wars it will certainly do. I may have to add a shoulder mounted weapon of some description.
I have two Battletech Mechs that are still in the packs that I will have to build and paint, one is a Madcat, my favourite Battletech model.