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In Her Majesty’s Name

inhermajestysnameAges ago, I lamented about all the unplayed rules I have on my bookshelf. But now I am pleased to say that In Her Majesty’s Name now moves into the played pile.

To keep it simple, I selected a 250 point Rifle Company consisting of only nine models. These were to face off against Mr Steinbergs fifteen man London Bobbies! It looks like I was going to be outnumbered.

The rules are actually pretty simple, there is not a huge model profile and for our first game, we stuck to basic weapon profiles except for a grenade launcher.
Perhaps the most fiddly aspect of the game is how the movement rate of each model must be recorded as this affects the models ability to perform a ranged attack AND how difficult is is to be hit by a ranged attack. This can make ranged shots impossible as the penalties add up quite quickly. But even for the difficult shots, if you can roll high enough, as indeed I was, that is not a problem…

Close combat is somewhat easier than ranged attacks with fewer modifiers and the movement of the models does not have any effect.

It is meant to be played as a mission based game, so capturing an objective would be easier with more models to spread around, something that the limited numbers of a Rifle Company may struggle with. Our first mission was to bump off the opposing leader, which meant we both had a single target to aim for.

Steampunk-Engineer1I think the long term draw of In Her Majesty’s Name for me is that you can create your own model profiles and field a unique character driven company. We have another game planned and I will be using some of the fantastic Lead Adventure models kitted out with whatever fantastical weapons they are carrying.