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MotoGP Valencia

Last weekend, Ireland for a wedding, this weekend, Spain for the Valencia MotoGP, the last motorcycle race of the year.

On the plus side, as this is the last race, maybe over the winter, I can concentrate on getting some miniature painting done, because let’s face it, there is always plenty to do.

Game Of Thrones

After a few games of Game Of Thrones A Song Of Ice And Fire, I am working on expanding my Lannister army. My 30 points at the moment consist of Guardsmen, Halberdiers, Mountains Men andthe rather effective Knights Of Casterly Rock.

I have to decide on what is next out of more Halberdiers, more Guardsmen, more Knights or a different unit such as Crossbowmen, Warriors Sons or the Kings Guard.

I’m Melting!

The rather warm temperatures of the summer may be a distant memory, but when I was looking for models last week in the Loft Full Of Lead for a game, I found one of my resin models was a bit wilted. It is meant to look like this…

It does get very hot up in the loft and this chap was on a shelf and just could not cope with the temperature. Having skinny legs and a chunky body does not make a good combination.

The poor thing had drooped forwards with his gun now just about resting on the ground.

I have repositioned resin models before a bit by dunking them in boiling water and then once the desired position, dip them in cold water to fix the pose. But I have not done this before with a painted model.

When it got immersed in boiling water it when really floppy really quickly, I had to quickly try to get it standing back up without scalding myself and dip him in cold water.

It worked and it has been saved!

First Ragnarok Game

We got our first game of Ragnarok in this week, it seemed to go quite well, there are quite a few rules we still need to read up on, but it was quite good fun. In the last few weeks we have been doing a bit of Game Of Thrones, tried Warcry for the first time and now had a go at Ragnarok. There are too many good new games around at the moment.

Anyway, in this first clash of Ragnarok, the two sides consisted of most of the model profiles listed in the rules, so we got to see the differences between the majority of them. After the first game we decided that less than 10 models per side may be better and that shields are probably a good idea. We also need some counters to represent various game effects, I can feel some new laser cut designs coming along.

Models typically have two actions each, combat is a 2D6 roll using a melee skill versus defence, there is then a 2D6 roll to wound of strength versus armour. Pretty straight foward stuff, but there are interupt options available in melee where the model being charges can stike first.

As models make attacks, they generate Godspark counters which can be used to cast special abilities. There are loads of Godspark abilities in the book that need some serious consideration before the next game. I think Osprey need to make a deck of cards for the Godspark abilities, or I may just make some for myself of the abilities that I like the sound of. My opponent really liked a flaming arrow ability, but I used a deflection ability to bounce it into another melee, rather amusing!

There are some more games planned, so I really must get back to reading the rules.

The Last Of The Warband

The rest of my Ragnarok warband is a varied bunch.

I think this first one is a Reaper model, but I could be wrong. It has been up in the Loft Full Of Lead for many years and I really don’t remember where it came from. Nice model though.

The next one was another from the Harbinger magazine many years ago. I think I need to lighten up some of the face, as blown up to this size, it looks like she has a moustache!

Finally, some sensible looking models!

To be followed by another all out fantasy model with wiked axe and plenty of armoured bits.