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I went to see 1917 last night. Rather good I must say.

I really want to find out how it was shot as it looks to be just several really long takes, which is just not possible. Roger Deakins must get an Oscar for the cinematography. It has some tough competition this year with a few other great movies, but this is something a bit special that I have not seen before.

This is one that I am looing forward to seeing again.

Zoats Are Back

Maybe not plural really, but a Zoat model will be making a return for Blackstone Fortress.

Although I do not play Blackstone Fortress, I hope this model is available separately so I can get one, or two if there are build options. This may finally give me the kick up the backside to actually start making my Zoat army, as this model is the army leader I have been looking for.

There is a large pile of classic Zoat models up in The Loft Full Of Lead that I was picking up from eBay some time ago.

Only one of the old classic models has been repainted, for use in Rogue Stars, but I may just have to start putting some more together.

Whats On The Table?

Painting the large Warcry terrain pieces is actually quite easy, I undercoated them in a couple of shades of gray and Burnt Umber for the wood.

The worse bit however was painting all of the ironwork black, it took ages to do on all the sections!

The other bits of scatter terrain have more fiddly bits to do and so will take a bit longer.

I have the bell tower to finish as well, I really like the terrain and this will get used in many games!

Lannister Knights

The first of my Knights Of Casterly Rock. As these, like all figures in the CMON range come in a single pre-built piece, painting behind the shield is a bit tricky. Once again it is the dilemna of needing to put much colour of bits you can’t see very well.

The Knights are obviously an Elite unit, they hit very hard when they charge, but they do not like being stuck in a prolonged combat, the effectiveness of their attacks greatly reduces in subsequent turns.

When I have more infantry painted, I will have to try an army without any Knights just for a change.