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Whats On The Table?

Painting the large Warcry terrain pieces is actually quite easy, I undercoated them in a couple of shades of gray and Burnt Umber for the wood.

The worse bit however was painting all of the ironwork black, it took ages to do on all the sections!

The other bits of scatter terrain have more fiddly bits to do and so will take a bit longer.

I have the bell tower to finish as well, I really like the terrain and this will get used in many games!

Age Of Sigmar – First Go

So as mentioned the other day, I had a game of Game$ Work$hops new Age Of Sigmar rules all planned against Mr Steinberg and his shed full of Empire.
AoSWith no army construction guidelines, it is simply a case of getting models out until you are worried that the table may collapse. Actually, as I was playing really old plastic undead models, that was never going to happen, so after I had set up four units of thirty models, I thought I would deploy some smaller units. Skeleton Cavalry, Dire Wolves and a few minor single models later and I was done. Mr. Steinberg set up quite a few Empire units and our respective model counts were not that far off in the end, but the Vampire Counts still outnumbered the Empire about 170 to 140.
We had sort of agreed to the number of units we would take as the main objective was to try out the rules and see how the mechanics work.

As an undead player back in the dim and distant past, I seem to remember that the skeletons were a bit slow, now everything pretty much moves at the same rate, with a D6″ to run. That meant that my large skeleton units could charge like any warm blooded human.

Combat is very straight forward, no more comparing weapon skills, it is just a fixed roll to hit for the unit. Damage is even easier, no more comparing strength against toughness, just a fixed roll to damage for the unit.

With the unit size bonus and some extra abilities from the Heroes, a unit of thirty spearmen can unleash 120 attacks. But still only inflict ten wounds if you roll dice like I do. Shocking…

Magic was very good for the Vampire Counts, especially as they can keep popping out new units of ten skeletons or Dire Wolves or Ghouls. Magic for the Empire seemed a bit underwhelming but I’m sure Mr. Steinberg will pass his own views on that.

The Empire Cannon had a few good goes and inflicted plenty of damage, I suspect I will be facing more cannon in the future. A unit with ranged weapons can shoot into combat with no penalty and no chance of hitting their own side.
The Vampire Counts got the upper hand, mostly because new units kept popping up and existing units kept recovering slain models.

First impression is that it was quick and brutal. How a truly competitive game will work is another matter. If one player chooses to take a much smaller force than his opponent, I’m not sure if the game will be as much fun. The whole premise of points based games is you have some sort of balance between two forces, this has done away with that.

But in the end it was fun and that is why I play. We had the chance to play a much bigger model count than we usually game with.

I won’t be rushing out and buying loads of models, I already have a pile that will fit in quite nicely, and I will definitely not be rebasing my models onto round bases. Luckily I have a box of Empire models I never completed, quite a collection of random chaos type models including plenty of demons and the like.
With such generic rules for most models, it really is a very simple set of rules, but it really could do with some examples. I’m sure a twenty page FAQ is just around the corner, to be followed another ten page FAQ for each army list…
If we stick with it, I could be tempted to use my Confrontation Orcs, but only in a small scale game.

Age Of Sigmar

There has been a huge online response to the latest incarnation of Warhammer Fantasy Battle 9th Edition The Age Of Sigmar, partly, one would assume to the massive title, but mostly because Game$ Work$hop have completely rewritten the way the game plays. Gone is the ancient model profile with Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill and in comes a very basic fixed roll to hit and a similar fixed roll to wound anything. Gone are points values. Just use as many models as you like.AoSHaving not played Warhammer Fantasy Battle since 2002, this new version caught my interest for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I have a couple of large armies in The Loft Full Of Lead that only come out for a game of No Quarter now and then. Secondly, these new rules are available free, so it is easy to download them and give it a go. What is there to lose?

So with the four page rules printed out and the Vampire Counts Warscroll loaded onto my tablet, tomorrow will see a game between the undead and some of Steinbergs Empire.