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B4-P0 & AR-Two

The R2-D2 model came off a McDondald’s Fatty Meal toy. Can’t remember who made the humanoid robot, it has been kicking around for years, I think it may be a Rackham model.

I have a few uses for these models, mainly for my robotic Steam Wars army, but also for use in Rogue Stars.

These are another example of a super quick paint job with a healthy splattering of Army Painter Ink over the top.


The Golum were a range that never quite made it out in time before FASA and the Vor The Maelstrom game ceased to be. Luckily I was able to get a few of these Golum prototype models, a few of which have been painted up for use in various sci-fi games.

In my latest Rogue Stars crew, I decided to do a non-human line up so I could try out various skills and abilities. This Golum was basically a heavily armoured trooper with some built in weapons.

Rogue Stars Hulk

Using my really old Space Hulk corridors, we set up a game of Rogue Stars Hulk to explore with a couple of plucky bands of adventurers. As one might expect, in the act of exploring rooms, we uncovered more than a few hostile Genestealers.
The old Space Hulk floorplans have not been out of their box for a very long time, but as they include some of the expansions from Deathwing and Genestealer with even more large room sections, it lends itself very nicely to the Rogue Stars scenarios and game mechanics.

Rogue Stars

Mr Steinberg and I now have the new Rogue Stars book from Osprey in our hands after well timed Christmas presents. I even managed to sit in the lounge and read nearly all of it one chilly afternoon, accompanied with a Gin and Tonic.

roguestarsMy first thoughts are that it is a very detailed game with models able to perform an almost endless list of actions. With only four to six models per side, I can see why it needs to be detailed, but I hope it does not slow it down too much.

Using a D20 to resolve actions gives a good range from a critical success to an abject failure, the failures usually mean some extra nasty self inflicted effect.

There is plenty of weapons and equipment options for the models so it should be easy enough to select a few models from the Loft Full Of Lead and create some profiles for the first few games.

It does not look like I will be using four old classic Space Marines though, as they would be too many points. Perhaps an Inquisitor squad may be possible.

For the first game, I think I will keep it to a few generic sci-fi models and see how it goes.

In the meantime, I found this You Tube guide…