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Panzer Mech Kickstarter

I had been doing a good job of keeping away from Kickstarters until a friend sent me a link this morning for one ending in a few hours…

This is a West Wind Kickstarter for some great Weird War II Mechs and I can’t resist a good Mech, or three.
jotanI like the West Wind SOTR range and these new models will also be usable in Konflict 47, Steam Wars and some of the freebie stretch goals will be great in games like Rogue Stars.







As if cool Mechs are not enough, I like the look of this German ball tank, the Panzerkampfrad.

Astropolis Arrives

A rare event indeed, a Kickstarter that delivers BEFORE the estimated date. These were due in December and arrived a week early. Prodos take note…

These sci-fi steampunky figures are from Lead Adventure Miniatures, one of my favourite figure manufacturers, a small outfit, but some fantastic models with great character and detail.
I wanted these for engineers and crew on the rather large Aircraft Carrier I am (slowly) working on.

Eight Out Of Ten

I popped on to Tabletop Gaming News the other day for a quick look to see what is happening in the world of toy soldiers only to find that eight out of the first ten articles are about new Kickstarters. I have dabbled in a few Kickstarters over the last few years, but I find it amazing that there is so much capacity for more and more Kickstarters.

The hunger for more and more games, especially board games, just dilutes the amount of time we as players have to actually play the same game more than a few times. I struggle as it is to find the time to play the games we already have.

I have just joined in on the Astropolis miniatures Kickstarter, but this is quite a small offering that will be delivered in about two months and I was only going for a few models.

Astropolis Kickstarter

I have long been a fan of the Lead Adventure figures, especially their steampunk range that have been featured on these pages many times. They have just successfully a small Kickstarter to get a range of Astropolis sci-fi figures into production.

I decided to jump in and get some of the officer and engineer models that should help crew the massive aircraft carrier that is currently in construction at the local shipyard.

Much as I have lamented the long delivery schedules for some Kickstarters, the smaller companies manage to keep to a realistic timetable. These Lead Adventure models are due for delivery in December this year, that’s right, this year not next year.

Sedition Wars Figures

I wanted to get these models completed for when we give Black Ops another go. Or maybe even Fist Full Of Kung Foo. A few of these will come in handy.

First up is a sniper model, definitely not in a firing pose.
The first of two specialists is armed with a pistol and a kit bag. I was going to put a Red Cross on it to make him a medic, but thought he would be better off as a generic specialist to fulfill any role.
The next chap is another specialist with some sort of light flamer.
And here we have a burly dude with a very big gun.
This is not Riddick, but Roderick, a close combat expert wielding two claws ripped from a creature.
Finally a female heroine equipped with a blaster and a sword for the up close and personal stuff.

Sedition Wars Infantry

The last of the Sedition Wars Vanguard infantry are finished, can’t really say these took very long to paint, mostly Gun Metal.
I did modify a couple of rifles to add an under slung Grenade Launcher, which is just a bit of lead off cut.
I also wanted something more resembling a Light Machine Gun so took one of the grenade launcher weapons and added a magazine clip and longer barrel.

AvP Delivers

Having paid for Aliens Vs Predator “The Hunt Begins” by Prodos back in November 2013, with it due in May 2014, it finally delivered today. February 2016. Excellent. That was a derisive, contemptuous, sarcastic, bitter, cynical and sardonic “excellent” by the way.
It has been so long and I have been so hacked off by Prodos that I have lost interest, at least for the moment.
I also think it is pretty unlikely that I will ever go in for another Kickstarter of this type again, especially as I can pick up the game cheaper now than the price I shelled out for it 27 months ago.