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What About The Weather?

I don’t like undercoating models when it is cold or raining, the moisture in the air can sometimes react with the spray paint and make the surface very rough. I had this experience once with a very nice resin vehicle and really never want to repeat it.

So here I am with a growing pile of models waiting for a dry non-freezing weekend day to get spraying…

Honestly, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

The Data Lives

After picking up a SATA cable from eBay for a couple of quid, I have installed my disc drive into another PC and can now access all my stuff again!

I still have to get the other dead PC fixed and trying to get it done this time of year is not ideal.

At least I can finish writing up my Steam Wars rules and get them as finished as possible for our Christmas game.

It’s Dead Jim

I have been having a bit of computer trouble recently, my main super duper kick ass desktop has blown its motherboard. Again.

As my better half has been using the other system for a very important paper she is writing, I have not been doing much, other than taking out the hard discs from the dead system and trying to access the data. I have backups but they were a few days old when the systems failed and I had been writing loads into my Steam Wars rules and I really don’t want to write it again.

Ho hum, I hate computers sometimes…