Space Marine Battle

After the Knights versus Titan game a few weeks ago, we used the same setup to have a game of Space Marines against Space Marines.

For a change, I decided not to use any Death Company, no Sanguinary Guard and no named characters.

My old Terminators on 25mm bases should give you an idea of the era I come from.

A good deal of Mr Steinbergs marines are of a similar age, so we had plenty of old beaky marines converted in all sorts of ways.

The missions and objective cards make the latest 40K version a good game to play, points are easily won and lost. Having units that can get around quickly are generally a benefit.

I had a Tactical Squad in a Rhino to try to give them plenty of speed when trying to get to an objective.

The Baal is a great shooty vehicle when armed with an Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolters and a Storm Bolter, 20 dice I think…

Mr Steinberg had Veteran squads, armed with various weapons, these started the game guarding one of the objectives.

This is quite literally a heavy metal Dreadnought, an old lump of a lead model with Assault Cannon and Powerfist.

Mr Steinbergs Terminators supported by a Librarian teleported in behind the Blood Angels starting point and exchanged fire with the Ball and a Librarian Dreadnought for several turns.

The Blood Angels Terminators teleported onto an objective and proceeded to cause havoc against the veteran Marines.

I have never used a Land Speeder, but Mr Steinberg likes to field a couple, I’m sure I have an old lead one in the loft still in its packaging…

Terminators in a crater, that will be +1 to their saving throw then.

One of the newer models in my Blood Angels is this Librarian Dreadnought, whats is not to like, a psychic Dread!

I dropped my Blood Angels Assault Marines on top of the processing tower, ready to charge the next turn.

The Tactical unit gave up their transport and got into the fight, can’t spend the whole game getting a ride.

I still really like this version of 40K, so glad we decided to give it a go.

Konflict 47

We played Bolt Action a while ago, so we had to follow it up with a game of Konflict 47, both are good games that get on our list of games to play in a year, but have to wait eleven months for it to actually happen (we need more months or fewer games).

We played a scenario, with a small detachment of US forces holding a bridge and waiting on reinforcements.

The German forces quickly advanced, regular troops and unpleasant zombies.

US troops advanced to relieve the defenders on the bridge using as much cover as possible.

German vehicle units moved directly on the bridge, a Panzer IV with a Laser Cannon and a medium walker, packing plenty of firepower. Even a K├╝belwagen with a machine gun can be quite effective.

If you can get a flamethrower close enough, it really is a great weapon against a nice bunch of zombies.

Mortars are more difficult to use, they are slow to move and need setting up before they can open fire. I think I would prefer more flamethrowers or perhaps a bazooka.

I did not take as many pictures as I thought, the battle must have got rather intense. The final fight around the bridge had both sides throwing everything at it in an attempt to have control but it ended in a draw I think…

Steam Wars Port Landing

It really was about time that Mr Steinberg had another game at my place, so I arranged a scenario Steam Wars game using the port terrain I have been constructing on and off.

As Mr Steinbergs has a great selection of steampunk US Navy figures, I set up a landing assault for him to get his teeth into.

With several boats as his disposal, the US Navy landed thick and fast.

The US Navy objective was to break into one of the research building and capture some Top Secret plans.

The British defenders only had a few patrols at the dockside as the assault started, reinforcements would arrive in later turns.

The various landing craft deposited their cargo and retreated to collect the next wave.

Once ashore, the US Navy quickly set about establishing a foothold.

British Sky Hussars were the first reinforcements on the scene but were quickly overcome by the superior US Navy numbers.

The Roller Bots of the US Navy spearheaded the attack on the left flank supported by a six legged transport and a heavy cannon.

The second wave of Sky Hussars used the roof of the warehouse to stay out of the way of shooting attacks.

The second wave of US Navy vehicles and troops were able to land unopposed.

They just kept coming…

The British Air Force responded by sending in a couple of fighters to lend ground support and tackle any air threats lurking in the area.

Meanwhile on the left flank, the advancing US Navy encountered a couple of Frankensteamers which slowed their progress.

By this stage, the British Air Force had air superiority but the battle on the ground was not going as well.

The US Jet Pack troops made a lunge for the research centre and captured the plans. The remaining British waves had arrived too late.

In retrospect, I think the objective building could have been closer to the landing area, but it was still a fun game with nearly everything we had thrown at the table.

I have a few ideas for the next game, but that may require another 2 feet of table, having 4 feet of port with only 2 feet of water was not quite enough.

In the aftermath, Apricat decided to make her entrance. She won.

Steam Wars

A game is so much more fun when the terrain looks great. A recent game of Steam Wars used a whole load of Joken’s Conflix buildings along with other nice stuff.

Walls and hedges are always good, even if a hedge won’t protect you much from a Heavy Machine Gun…

We have a nice mixture of models from various sources in our respective forces. Both Joken and I have Spartan and Privateer Press models along with all sorts of other stuff. Although I have not played Warmachine for a very long time, the models are brilliant and I still have more Khador that have never been painted. These Man O’War models often make an appearance as heavy infantry.

And I always like to include some fast elite units like the Treadbikes and the Sky Hussars.

The opposing side included Luftlancers, a sniper mech and some machine gun bots lurking in the woods.

We played a scenario where each side had to retrieve some steam-tech from the opposing side of the battlefield.

The heavy Teutonic Knights are always a tough unit to face, equipped with a couple of machine guns and a powerful Tesla Lance.

This was a cautious game, both sides utilising plenty of cover and slowly advancing. The British Frankensteamer was taken out by the combined firepower of the Heavy Knights.

Meanwhile the Heavy Infantry used cover while the Technomage totally failed to get any Arctech powers to work. The plan had been to Translocate the heavy infantry close enough to the Teutonic Knights for a charge.

On the other side of the battlefield, the Luftlancers charged the Treadbikes.

…and inflicted plenty of wounds, killing two and causing a retreat for the survivor.

It seemed like a good time for the British Dropship to deposit a squad of Scouts near an objective to see if they could make off with it. They failed…

Neither side looked like capturing an objective without taking massive losses, so it seemed the best decision was to go to the pub and discuss tactics over a pint.

Confrontation Revived

It has been some time since we last had a game of Confrontation. Myself and Joken were determined to get a game in during 2018 and we have just managed it before we drift into 2019.

I fielded by favourite Devourers against Joken’s Tir-na-Bor Dwarfs.

We did our usual 400 points per side game, not a lot of models on each side, but enough for us to get a good game in and still make it down the pub afterwards.

The first few turns had plenty of maneuvering in readiness for the bun fight that was about to erupt.

The Devourer Huntsman was able to get a few shots off before close combat took over and I remembered why I like them so much, perforating Light Artillery!

Rather oddly, the first two kills, one on each side were the result of double six rolls rather than the usual attrition.

We have to play this game more often, it really is a good game. I have been wanting to paint my Cadwallon models for ages, years in fact. I must set myself a deadline.