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Ancestral Zeppelins

I do like these Titan Forge Ancestral Zeppelins. I have only had the opportunity to use one in games so far.
At some stage, when the Teutonic Knights get their second (and third?) unit of Luftlancers, I will get the opportunity to field two or even three.

Mr Steinbergs US Navy will also be getting some Rocketeers and Copters soon so they may even be first to go up against multiple zeppelins.
These have been armed with Twin-Linked Heavy Machine Guns and some nice big bombs.
I do use my custom mdf flying bases with nice long clear plastic rod to have them fly at a decent height.

King Buggy Slow Progress

Things have been a bit slow with my King Buggy conversions as I had to find some larger magnets to fix inside the wing section.

I have now rebuilt the wings and am pretty much ready to rebuild the fuselage and undercoat them. I may paint the inside of the cockpit before I glue the fuselage together and then mask the cockpit to spray the rest.

King Buggy Cockpit

Over the weekend, I concentrated on making some headway with the cockpit for the Mechanica King Buggy aircraft, which will need a better name…
With no real plan, I just added bits of plastic until I looked finished. Using Lego as the cockpit base was definitely the way to go, nice right angles and ready made blocks. I’m sure the kids won’t mind that I have now pinched all their Lego.
The whole thing slots into the fuselage nicely and the control panel will be visible enough to be noticed, but hopefully not so much that the uneven detail will stand out.
For the moment, I am just using a pin as the yoke until I can think of something else or just go with the pin.

Karman King Buggy Converison

I wanted to make some aircraft models for my steampunk Mechanica force and I had thought ages ago that the old Rackham King Buggy would be a great place to start. I still wanted to keep my AT-43 Karman army intact, so I bought some ridiculously cheap King Buggy’s from Miniature Market. When I say cheap, I think they were US$10 each and that was before Sterling bombed against the dollar.

I removed the rear gunner and chin mounted machine guns. I wanted to have the pilot cockpit where the rear gunner was located. My first thought was to build an enclosed cockpit and not necessarily have a visible pilot model. As these aircraft were to be used for my Mechanica force, I realised that some of the Dystopian Legions Automotan models are in a kneeling pose and these easily could be modelled in a sitting position. So I would have a go at making an open cockpit with a visible pilot.

I removed the front grill and was going to nose mount one of the King Buggy machine guns but found a Ramshackle rottary machine gun was much more intimidating looking.karman-king-buggy-conversion1
I managed to carefully crack open the fuselage, lucky really that they do not use much glue when sticking them together. If I had made this myself from a kit, it would never get opened up again without doing some serious damage.

One of the kneeling Automotans was put together in a sitting pose. Once again, these infantry models are really hard to stick together.
I started by making up a simple pilot seat which I was then going to embellish with various bits of detail.
I was using some Lego bricks to build up the height of the cockpit floor and then decided just to use Lego to make the whole pilot seat. Much easier.
When positioned inside the fuselage it is about the height I was looking for.
I added a front panel to the cockpit so some controls can be fitted, this also covered up some unsightly internal bits .
Using some Game$ Work$hop control panels from a Rhino I think, I made some Silly Gum moulds and green stuffed some extras.
karman-king-buggy-conversion7I will have to look for some other bits that can be stuck in the cockpit, I need some levers and some more controls of some sort.

Recycling Mechs

Warmachine is one of those games that has fallen off my radar over the years. Although I like the Khador models and bought a small force, we stopped playing quite some time ago. I still have a few boxes of unmade models in the Loft Full Of Lead which I guess I should stick on eBay.

I have already rebased some Man O’War models to use in my British Steam Wars army so I thought I should turn my attention to the larger mechs. The Destroyer has a close combat and a ranged weapon, so I am just thinking about adding an extended barrel to the cannon.
With the Marauder below, I think I could get away with cutting off the battering ram piston thingys and then stick on some guns. The two Ramshackle bits in the photo may be a bit small.
I will also remove the Khador symbol from the chassis and maybe add a hatch.

Mauser Earth Willy Bot

I bought this model at Salute much earlier this year, it is for a new game in the works called Mauser Earth, but I just liked it as a steampunk RoboMech.
There are a few different robot models available from the company and I could be tempted at Salute next year to buy another one.
I think this model will be added to my soon to be started Steam Wars robot faction. I have quite a pile of models for this army now and will be getting started on building them in the not too distant future.