Celtos Sirens

This group of scantily clad bow wielding Sirens will get used in several games. I initially painted them for Dragon Rampant, but they could just as easily be used as Henchmen (Henchgirls?) in Frostgrave. Of course it could be said that their attire is not suitable for the snowy landscapes of the Frostgrave world.

Ramshackle Voles

The latest addition to the Prussian Scrunt army are three Ramshackle Voles, or Wuhlmaus as I prefer to call them in the Prussian force. These are light tanks and come in at fewer points than the heavier Pugs and Stugs.
All have interchangeable weapons, the second option being some sort of Dalek looking steampunky gun, which I will have to get a picture of sometime.

Custom Props

When I was hunting around for plasticard for the Aircraft Carrier project, I found some clear plastic rotor blades designed for small scale helicopters at Hurlbat in Letchworth.

With a sightly larger hole in the middle, these would look pretty good on my steam planes.
After a couple of emails to the gang at Hurlbat, they accommodated and knocked off six custom rotor blades, at no extra cost, and they arrived in the post the following day. Excellent friendly service.

Carrier Access

I have been busy painting various models, so the BIG aircraft carrier project has been a bit slow in getting started. But I did decide to save some time and not have a moving lift. And then I thought I would give myself another headache and have a large loading bay on the side of the side, this will be especially useful in games where is is docked.
The removal of the lift was the easy bit, luckily it is very lightweight plastic so I was able to hacksaw it off in mere seconds.

Using some bits of plastic and a few paperclip pins, I glued the ramp into the deck, job done.
So below decks, I hacked out the side with a view to making a large loading ramp into a bay.
There is already a loading ramp at the stern as well, so there will be plenty of internal detail eventually.
I must make some time each week to drive this forwards.


Another old model for my Dragon Rampant Treefolk army is this lump of heavy metal from I can’t remember when.Treeman
tarkin-cant-see-the-wood-for-the-treesHe paints up really well. When painting the back of his legs, I noticed there is a heart with an arrow through it carved into the bark, a nice touch.

I used a few different shades of brown and plenty of greens otherwise he wood (!) have been a pretty boring model to paint.

The Dryad unit and the Treeman are the first units finished for the Dragon Rampant Treefolk warband. I’m busy working on some Celtos Sirens at the moment. There are a few other models to paint, but the Dryads and the Sirens will be the bulk of the force,Treeman-Warband