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Kill Team Tyranids vs Orks

My Tyranids had their first Kill Team outing against a horde of Mr Steinbergs Greenskins.

I tried out several of the Tyranid model types, obviously a couple of Genestealers got a try out, they are close combat experts and are likely to always get an outing.

A Tyranid Warrior with Boneswords is an intimidating opponent, with three wounds to take off before there is a chance of a fatal flesh wound, it hits hard with plenty of attacks.

Mr Steinbergs Orks have plenty of flamers so charging them is a pretty dangerous undertaking, so using a multi wound model at least gives a chance to fight in melee at full strength.

The cheap points cost of the Hormagaunts and Termagants mean there is usually plenty of them knocking around to attack any nearby enemy models, but with a low strength, they struggle to wound opponents.

The Orks are better in melee than at ranged combat, so it turned into a slug fest as close combat suited both sides.


More Nids

After the first game of Kill Team with my Tyranids, I thought I would finish off a few more of the more basic troop types so I can try a horde team.

Three more Genestealers, a fist full of Termagants and a three Hormagaunts should give me plenty of scope to try out a fifteen model Kill Team.

At the very least, it will give my opponents plenty of targets to shoot at…

Tyranid Kill Team

My first 100 point Tyranid Kill Team did not take very long to get on the table.

As the previous post showed, I just rebased the models getting rid of the very old original square bases.

A very light bit of touching up, hardly any really, and then a splash of ink did wonders.

I may take a bit more time on the extra models in the backlog now that I have 100 points to game with.

The Hormagaunt is very dark, I may lighten the others up a bit more.

Can’t do much with the Termagants, especially as there are so many of them, they will stay brown…

But the whole lot look a damn sight better than they did a few days ago.

Whats On The Table?

One of the things I really like about Kill Team is the fact that you only need a small number of models to get stuck in. I have a few very old 40K armies, that were (not very well) painted decades ago, so I will work through a few of them and get a Kill Team picked from each and touched up.

I went for the ressurection of a Tyranid Kill Team first. They were painted a long time ago to a very basic standard.

These Tyranid Warriors come from the 1990’s Advanced Space Crusade game.
The Hormagaunts came a bit later for my larger 40K Tyranid army.

…and a rather oddly painted Lictor…

..and some ant-like Termagants.

Then there are the very old Genestealers from the early days of Space Hulk, these do not have the bulbous heads that eventually became the standard.

So I wanted to rebase and ink these models quickly to get them into a game.

As time is always short, I picked out 100 points and just did those to start with.

One Lictor, two Tyranid Warriors, two Genestealers and a Hormagaunt and Termagaunt to fill the last few points.

In the backlog are plenty of other models, including a Hive Tyrant that I will use as a Prime Commander.

It was messy shaving the bases but these really needed doing, they have not seen the light of day for a few decades…

Kill Team Orks vs Blood Angels

Plenty of Kill Team going on at the moment, this time my old Blood Angels had a go against some of Mr Steinbergs new Orks.

There were plenty of Ork Burnas, so I did not fancy charging them unless I really had to.

Sometimes it just best to hold the high ground and cover the area with superior firepower, in this case a heavy bolter.

We played an objective holding game again using the small generator bits as the object to hold.

With plenty of Burnas heading towards the outnumbered Marines, it was vital to get some flesh wounds on some if they could not be taken out altogether.

I have found it is possible to have a model position itslef half way up a ladder, very handy!

It is very difficult to defend against several Burnas rushing towards a single bloke guarding an objective.

This Space Marine model is one of my favourite sculpts from the classic era, usually my squad Sergeant.

The Burnas are actually quiet good in melee, their flamers act as a very heavy blunt instrument.

A few multiple combats soon sorted out the super human men from bad ass green skins.

A single Grot against a Space Marine, there is only one way this is going to end.

The best comedy moment of the game was right at the end when a Grot had a (slim) chance to dispute an objective. All he had to do was jump off a very high walkway and survive the impact.

He did not make it…

Kill Team Assassination

Mr Steinberg and I played out the Till Team Assassination scenario with my Elucidian Starstriders having the unenviable task of taking out a Space Marine commander.

I had the Industrial Tower terrain up, again, but it is new so I am using it a lot!

As the Elucidian Starstriders had to advance on the Space Marine position, I set them up around Larsen van der Grauss as his Voltagheist Array provides an Invulnerable save to nearby friendly models.

Before the target of the assassination could get up off the ground level, the heroic hound, Aximillion, charged the commander to at least try to hold him up.
The rest of the Elucidian Starstriders tried to draw some fire while the main group moved towards the target…

The Primaris Reivers managed to sneak up on the poor Voidsmen and make short work of them.

It got a bit hectic next, so no more pictures, but the Elucidian Starstriders managed to charge the Space Marine Commander, Elucia Vhane leading the way. Although Vhane got a few hits in, Space Marines have great armour and the Commander managed to keep on his feet.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Space Marines moved in to support their leader and gradually took down the Starstriders. For Vhane and her team it was close but no cigar.

Exo Armour Scrunts

I know it is the last day of January and I know the Exo Armour Kickstarter was not due to deliver until February, but it has arrived today, early I tell you. If only all other Kickstarters would take note.

Of course this does now present me with a problem, my well thought out modelling and painting schedule has now been jeopardised and I need to rush these to the top of the pile.

With a bit of luck, the promised snow will arrive tonight, grinding the entire UK to a halt and I will be forced to stay at home, and stick models together over the weekend.