2017 MotoGP Spills

Well it is the end of 2017. I could post a few photos of my major painting and model building achievements from the last twelve months, but it would take ages to find them in the Loft Full Of Lead, especially as it is currently in Christmas chaos mode.

So instead, I present some spills from the 2017 MotoGP season, 27 of which belong to Marc Marquez, the 2017 World Champion.

Building A Stairway To Heaven

Well, maybe not quite heaven, just the 8cm up to the cobbled harbour level.
This is the first attempt, 1cm high steps with each step being 3cm wide, enough for most bases. It is now wallpapering time.

I have some plans for more stairways that are a bit bigger, maybe even a ramp…

The Last Jedi

Just seen The Last Jedi on a large 2D iSense screen with big sound, best way to see it. I enjoyed it, but there are a bunch of “why did they do that” moments and “well, if that’s how to destroy a massive spaceship then why don’t they do that all the time?”. Maybe that is just the cynic in me, it was great fun.