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Salute 2017

Salute is tomorrow, I feel for my wallet.


There And Back Again: Salute 2016

Yesterday was Salute at the Excel on London. A great show, and I reckon the busiest I have ever seen it. There were loads of new traders all exhibiting there new games or models.
I did not take make pictures, but luckily, below bloggers have posted loads including Eric over at Shed Wars, Norrins, Big Lee at Miniature Adventures and Fox Gamer from Gaming From The Cupboard.
There were so many superb demo tables with all sorts of games going on, some of which I had never even heard of. The ice terrain table above was lovely and perfect for Frostgrave.
I would like to see how some of these displays are transported as it cannot be easy.salute2016b
The fortified harbour was really nice and give me some ideas for the harbour setting I want to build.salute2016a
I was indeed tempted to part with plenty of cash, some Dystopian Legions models (is this game dead yet?) that were being heavily discounted on the Troll Trader stand and a small mech like robot thingy from Mauser Earth. I can feel a new Steam Wars army coming along very soon using primarily robot models. I also bought some fantasy models for Dragon Rampant and some EMP specialists for my British Empire Special Forces.

I dropped by to see young Mr Andrew May of Meridian Miniatures and was delighted to see some new boxy gunbots and a teapot shaped walking flamer bot, at least I think it is meant to be a flame thrower type robot, but I could be mistaken.
The boxy gunbots are nice idea, I think they will work well with my British army, the teapot may well get added to a Prussian assault unit.
For me, the day went by too fast, there was too much to see this year and I felt I did not do it justice. Roll on next year, but only if I get the stuff I bought painted before then.

Salute 2016

It is nearly that time of year again when Salute comes around to tempt large wads of cash out of my wallet. This year however there is not a huge amount on my shopping list, no new games to get into, but more of a chance to pick up some bits and pieces that will finish some other projects off.

I like to visit some regular favourite stands such as Hasslefree, Heresy, Black Scorpion, Westwind, Brigade and Ironclad where a few pennies will be spent I reckon.

Osprey also have a stand that will no doubt feature plenty of their Wargames series. There is a new book available at the show, Horizon Wars that I would not mind having a skim through before I part with some cash. This is a 6mm sci-fi game that sounds interesting and has massive Mechs, whats not to like?

Westwind have created the convention figure and as the general show theme is Steampunk, the figure is a rather fetching Steampunk character that will be provided with an Empire Of The Dead profile.
I have quite a collection of Salute convention figures, but this may well be the only one to ever make it on to the painting table.

Derby Wargames Show

I thought I had not bought too much stuff at the Derby Wargames Show, but it appears I was wrong. Picking up a few blisters of models, a book, some paint and a full four feet of trenches later put a dent in £120.I picked up a few nice fantasy CP-Models for use in Frostgrave. I also found a pack of eight EMP Games models that should work very nicely as British Steampunk Special Forces or something along those lines, their pith helmets are a little smaller than the rest of my models, but what the hell, I still think they will look good painted up red and blue with white hats!

And then there is the Kallistra trench system. I reckon this will get used in Bolt Action, Dust, AT-43 and Steam Wars. Perfect.

Campaign Wargames Show

Over the weekend was the Campaign Wargames Show in Milton Keynes Shopping Centre, mostly competitions, but also some traders. This is also an opportunity for the general public to get up close and see middle aged men playing with toy soldiers.
I only had time for a quick visit, but I did find a large box full of Dystopian Legions stuff being sold off at crazy prices. So I, along with a few friends bought quite a few bits. I picked up seven box sets that would usually come to £112 for only £28. Bargain.
These are all to be used by the steampunk armies currenty being completed.

Salute 2015

Yesterday was the Salute wargames show at the Excel in London and I went with a few wargaming buddies to spend some cash and see what is new in the world of toy soldiers.

There was not a great deal on my shopping list, but it is always good to be tempted by something new. It is a big show and there is always plenty to see and many ways to empty ones wallet. My first stop was at Black Scorpion to pick up some Navy Marines, more ship crew and a copy of the Cutlass rule book.

I then found a great looking games table with a massive sea and land game in progress with some great looking ships.Salute1
All of these ships were made from wood with plenty of detail, puts my Playmobil conversions to shame.Salute2
This guy must have been more than seven feet tall.
The Hawk Games stand had gone way over the top with this huge space ship model. The detail was amazing and I dread to think how long it took to make.Salute3
The whole thing was illuminated including the engines which just by themselves were stunning.
I found a company called Clockwork Goblin who had some nice looking heavy infantry. I thought these would fit in well with my Steampunk army. Very nice sculpts. I thought of a cool colour scheme that should fit in with the red and blue of the rest of the infantry in the steampunk army.
They were not that easy to put together as arms were designed to only fit one or two of the torsos. It was trial and error to get them to match up…

Clockwork Goblin also did some Tesla turrets, in 28mm and 15 mm scale so I bought both…

From Zinge Industries, I purchased a couple of their Tank Bikes. Originally I thought I would use these with the human Meridian steampunk army, but as the design is inspired by the German A7 tank I thought they should really be added to the Prussian Scrunt army. I also thought the 15mm Tesla turrets from Clockwork Goblin could be added to the chassis as an option. Should have bought more of these tank bikes…
That is Salute done for another year, apart from a couple of Bushido models and some paints, that was it for me. I am busy putting them together and undercoating. I have to get a move on with the Prussian Scrunts and all the support gubbins, there is still lots to do and buying more really does not help.

For more Salute pictures go here or here or here or indeed here.

New Stuff

After my visit to Derby / Donington Wargames Show, I have come back with more stuff than I originally intended, but that is normal really after any visit to wargames show, they have ways of sucking money out of you.

medium-steam-tankI had previously ordered a few steam tanks from Ironclad Miniatures which I collected on the day. I collected two steam tanks and an armoured car for my Imperial army. These are really nice vehicles that don’t need any cleaning up before they can be undercoated. I think a grey undercoat and some quick drybrushing will get them ready for action in no time, just need a dry day to undercoat.

tunnelingmachineFor one of the Steampunk armies, either the Meridian Imperial or the Prussian Scrunts, not decided which yet, this devious tunneling machine will allow a close combat squad to infiltrate enemy positions and cause havoc. At least that is the plan. This is a three part model and is an excellent cast.

Many years ago, back in about 1997 I played a lot of Warzone and did so for many years. It had taken over from Warhammer 40,000$ and my fellow gamers and I invested in several forces. So when Target Games went kaput, I was somewhat miffed.

But it is back.

Warzone Resurrection was Kickstarted by Prodos Games in November 2013.
The book is very well put together with plenty of background and army lists for all forces except the Imperial (which can be downloaded for free from the Prodos Games website).

I was keen to get the book and see how my existing collection could be dusted off and dropped back on to the gaming table. Having Capitol, Imperial, Brotherhood and a pile of unpainted Dark Legion, I have plenty of reasons to get back into this game.

So apart from that, I can’t believe that I only bought four miniatures, just a few steampunk characters from Lead Adventure models.