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Reaper Troll

This is a Reaper Miniatures Troll that I bought in America some time ago. I do like a lot of the Reaper models, but it can be difficult to find them here in England.
This Troll has been based up to compliment the Rackham Orc army. On the day I was basing this model, one of my cats shed a claw sheath so I stuck it on to the base…well, why not.

Son Of Thunder

The Son Of Thunder is one of the more outrageous looking Orc characters. He has a huge skull of some sort with bug eyes and wings on his backpack.
There is loads of other detail on his backpack including a pumpkin and a leg of pork for supper after the battle.
Although he has a massive mean looking sword, this is one Orc who should not be thrown in combat, he is a magic user able to manipulate time with his large enchanted watch.

Jackal Trackers

The Rackham Orcs may be my favourite set of models, but the Jackal Trackers are some of my favourites within the warband. All the gear they are equipped with and the poses are just fantastic.
None of them look in a good mood and they definitely look ready for a fight.
There is a good mixture of weapons between the models and I particularly like the sword with an extra hand hold.
And when a sword is just not quite enough, or you just need to keep a nasty opponent at arms length, then a massive axe is a good bet.