Although they had an outing recently, here are my finished Meridian Miniatures Gunbots, decided on green, simple really.

I like these little guys, they fit in with my British Army nicely, a basic robot design, not as advanced as certain other robots I have used in the Mechanica for example.

Grey and Gray

I will be painting most of the upper hull of the GR-75 Transporter a few colours, grey and gray. Well I actually have about four versions of grey and plan to paint all the panels in different greys. I have started on the nose section, so if it goes wrong, I can just respray that bit.

Industrial Office Tower

Having designed the Industrial Processing Tower based around a Pringles tube, I thought I would design a Pringle-less tower, something that does not require munching through a pack of snacks (although having a couple of teenage girls around always helps in that respect.

This construction, the Industrial Office Tower, uses level at the same heights for the levels as the Industrial Processing Tower so they fit together nicely with the joining ramps.

There is still loads of work to do on all the boring flat surfaces, I have plenty of sketches that I will turn into designs in the next few weeks.

I have also been experimenting with a removable wall section to allow models to be positioned inside.

Hiding tabs is sometimes quite tricky, so in some places, I make a feature of it and make some interesting alternating patterns, such as where there are raised sections around the stairwells.

On the top level is large design, but I think that may be going or at least changing to something else.

The most difficult bit has been designing the stairs, they are almost finished, watch this space. Some of the supports were a bit short on this iteration and did not line up with the wall tabs.

40K Battle

A few weeks ago, we had a game of 40K, my Grey Knights against Mr Steinbergs close combat Chaos Nurgle horde.

We played one of the missions, with the Grey Knights defending a settlement. This was not an ideal mission for a small elite force as they could not maneuver much and use their strengths, they were going to have to stand there and take it.

Putting units into cover seems like a good idea, but in the current rules, heavily armoured models don’t really need cover.

The Grey Knights would have to rely on a good few shooting rounds before they get assaulted, there were plenty of targets, but it was difficult to reduce their numbers as these Nurgle chaps sure are resilient!

Terminators in cover still get whittled down quickly with Smite, when there are only five models in a unit, Smite hurts.

And the Chaos horde keeps coming.

On foot or by wings.

Having to hold the center of the settlement was a real pain as my favourite tactic for the Grey Knights to to teleport around keeping out of trouble until it is time to strike.

The Autocannon armed Dreadnought sure can deal out some punishment, I reckon I should just field ten of these.

Most of my Grey Knight units usually make great use of the Gate Of Infinity psychic power, but in this game there was not much teleporting going on.

In the end, a couple of units did relocate, but the end was nigh. Having my nice newly painted Grand Master Voldus killed with one six wound Smite was the last straw.

The Grey Knights will have their revenge on another field of battle!

Undercoating Nerves

We have had some fantastic weather here in the UK over the May Bank Holiday, this provided the long awaited opportunity to undercoat the rather large GR-75 transport ship conversion.

I have had a grainy undercoating experience in the past when it may have been too damp or cold spray paint. There were no excuses now!

The first thing I had to do was make a large enough box to fit the model into.

I started with the upper hull and the landing struts, all done in Halfords Grey Primer.

After undercoating the lower hull, I masked off the exterior so the interior could be painted white.

So far I have managed to keep all the paint in the box.

It took a few coats to get a decent coverage, but that should do it for the interior.

Now that the outside is all one colour, it is ready for some detail painting.

A few bits were missed or not covered very well, but that will not matter once I get at it with a large brush!

I want to get this finished for a game of Rogue Stars soon so I may have to stop doing other things, like my job…