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Whats On The Table?

I bought a few pots of Games Workshop contract paints a while back and was not overly impressed with my first attempts. Mr Steinbergs Free Folk and Joken’s Nights Watch models for Game Of Thrones are really well finished and I feel I am missing out somehow.

I decided to give it another go and paint, or should that be ink, a whole set of models to see how I get on.

My Warcry Iron Golems had been painted “the old way”, so the other faction in the Warcry starter box, the Untamed Beasts were to get the contrast treatment.

I started with the flesh wash which does give a really good effect for no effort whatsoever. I then added the bone weapon wash which also came up pretty good.

The trick is not to get any colour on bits you don’t want. It is not just the case of painting over a bit of careless brushwork as contrast ink over another contrast ink does not really work unless you are using one of the really dark colours. I made the mistake of using a very dark brown on the Untamed Beasts big dog creature thingy and it is really too dark.

The other thing I don’t really like is that they seem very dull and flat. I will have to get some brighter colours to provide a more varied palette, so far I only have nine pots to choose from and they are nearly all variations on brown, a bit limited really.

The flesh effect is great so I can see myself continuing to use that on models that I may complete the old way.

Basically, I am still not sure if I like contrast paints or not…maybe when the models are finished I can make up my mind…

Whats On The Table?

The smaller scatter terrain pieces for Warcry have loads more detail than I thought when I first undercoated them. Apart from the skulls, there are fiddly ropes and more metal work to do.

After lots of drybrushing they are coming along, but these bits have taken as long as the large ruins.

Will be having the first game with the terrain later even if some needs some finishing touches.

Whats On The Table?

Painting the large Warcry terrain pieces is actually quite easy, I undercoated them in a couple of shades of gray and Burnt Umber for the wood.

The worse bit however was painting all of the ironwork black, it took ages to do on all the sections!

The other bits of scatter terrain have more fiddly bits to do and so will take a bit longer.

I have the bell tower to finish as well, I really like the terrain and this will get used in many games!

Warcry Terrain

I was determined to build the Warcry terrain over the New Year break, I even took advantage of some YouTube videos with hints on how to build the pieces correctly so they can be used in all the scenarios (as opposed to the way the instructions say to build them).

They go together well, in fact they could actually be built any number of ways.

The bell tower is pretty cool, but I’m not sure why a model would want to go all the way to the top…

And there are plenty of spiked barricades that are sharp enough to draw blood.

Now I need to add these to the painting pile.

A Gang Of Jason’s

Mad Lemmey brought a gang of Jasons to the table recently to have a go at the Frostgarve rules for the first time. It has been a while since I had last played, but it all comes back pretty quick, they are quite a simple set of rules but make for a good quick game.

I used my Rackham Dwarf models again for no other reason than I really like them!

The band of treasure hunters that Mad Lemmey was using were some pretty old Goblin models, all of them being called Jason, don’t ask…

We did a straight forward four treasure chests game with the possibility of wandering monsters turning up.

There was not a lot of ranged combat, but there were several brawls between the Dwarfs and the Goblins, quite appropriate I suppose, they do not tend to get along.

A wandering moster did indeed turn up, a rather large and hungry looking bear, so my Wizard cast a Wall spell to hide behind. Luckily the game ended there as the remaining Goblins scuttled off to count their treasure haul. But there were fewer Jason’s left to share it with.

Both sides picked up a bit of experience and some artefacts so the next game will have to get organised soon.