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Grey and Gray

I will be painting most of the upper hull of the GR-75 Transporter a few colours, grey and gray. Well I actually have about four versions of grey and plan to paint all the panels in different greys. I have started on the nose section, so if it goes wrong, I can just respray that bit.


Undercoating Nerves

We have had some fantastic weather here in the UK over the May Bank Holiday, this provided the long awaited opportunity to undercoat the rather large GR-75 transport ship conversion.

I have had a grainy undercoating experience in the past when it may have been too damp or cold spray paint. There were no excuses now!

The first thing I had to do was make a large enough box to fit the model into.

I started with the upper hull and the landing struts, all done in Halfords Grey Primer.

After undercoating the lower hull, I masked off the exterior so the interior could be painted white.

So far I have managed to keep all the paint in the box.

It took a few coats to get a decent coverage, but that should do it for the interior.

Now that the outside is all one colour, it is ready for some detail painting.

A few bits were missed or not covered very well, but that will not matter once I get at it with a large brush!

I want to get this finished for a game of Rogue Stars soon so I may have to stop doing other things, like my job…

Final Touches

After a long cold and damp winter, a window of opportunity to undercoat the beast was approaching.

I still had a couple of last gasp decisions to make, I had been undecided on which sort of vertical thrust engine nozzles to use.

In the end I went for the larger of the types I made made.

I also added a recess to the upper hull and a couple of what can be called missiles. Although bits of sprue would be a more accurate description.

With all the engine nozzles finally glued on, it is looking pretty good.

I added more than a few rivets…

I still really like the rear view, the engine configuration looks great.

So now it is ready for undercoating.

Landing Engine Nozzles

I needed four more rocket nozzles for the transporter landing engines. As I have not been painting much recently, mainly due to building this monster, I have not been accruing very many of the Vallejo/Army Painter paint lids.

So instead I have made four larger nozzles from white wood glue containers.

Note sure if I will use these as I have some other lids from water bottles to try out…

I could actually do with four more of the other lids used on the rear of the transporter so at least they would all be the same style.

Landing Engines Installed

The landing engines have been finished and added to the hull.

They needed some intakes adding to the top, so these were made from display bases and plenty of plasticard.

Plenty of extra plastic was added to the engines but they still need some rivets.

Some old pens were used as the supporting arms of the engines and they actually rotate.

The last remaining question is, do I add a few hundred rivets to the rest of the hull…

More Engine Work

These are taking shape, it is quite tricky to make a resilient tube, especially when you drill a 9mm hole in it.

It sure is a messy business.

Inside the tube, I wanted to make the supporting rods able to turn 90 degrees, so I have over engineered the inside and made a supporting pivot point.

Unfortunately the outside of the tube got a bit distorted so I will have to camouflage it some more with more plastic detail. Of course I may be the only one who notices.