Quinjet Quick Build

This is yet another cheap eBay purchase that I thought would make either good scenery or a good flyer for a game, an Avengers Quinjet. I did not buy it new in a box, but this is how it was originally sold…

The shape is good, I am not planning to do anything much with this model, but I did want some undercarriage as I did not like the way the fuselage just sat on the ground.

I have cut some mdf wheels so I thought I would make some chunky undercarriage.

It was a bit too chunky for my liking, so I added some bodywork to cover most of it up.

I am going to add some magnets inside the wings for weapon mounts and then I need to decide if I am going to add any flying base mount before I glue the two halves together.

Not Too Hot For Zombies!

So it may be too hot to paint, but as some fellow gamers have mentioned, it is not too hot to make stuff ready for painting. I spent some time in the garden removing zombie bits from sprues and cleaning up the mould lines, just about as much as I could manage in the heat. Every now and then a bit would ping out of my sweaty fingers and land nearby. But as there is no grass worth mentioning, any errant bits were very easy to find, I did not lose a thing!

These are Wargames Factory zombies, not the most detailed of models, but that is fine as I will be speed painting these. Twenty more to go…

Too Hot To Paint

Here in Bedfordshire, it is too hot to paint models, the paint dries on the brush and the model too fast.

I am never satisfied, it is either too cold and damp to undercoat models in the garage in the winter, or too hot to paint in the summer.

But it is great weather to drink cold beer.

Staircase Prototype

Jim from Products For Wargamers suggested I make something for the industrial range using the smaller snack size Pringles tube. He even gave me a snack size Pringles tube, but it was empty, which was a bit disappointing, even so, without the prospect of free nibbles, I said I would have a go.

Anyway, I thought about it for a while, just making a very small tower seemed like a waste of time, may as well just have a single height square tower and leave out the tube. So a spiral staircase seemed like a good idea and here is the first attempt. Actually it is the second attempt, the first version need slightly higher vertical supports so I did not even try to build it.

It is difficult to build but it does look good, I think I can alter the build process a little to make it easier.

Higher And Higher

The square Industrial Control Tower can be very tall, as tall as you want to go. It is modular, with most of the bits being interchangeable.

One of the ladder sections did not quite work and needed some fixing but generally it looks great with models all over it!

There are still some other sections being worked on, but the final version may have less sections as there is just too much to cut at the moment. I have three different methods of going between levels, one set of stairs and two variations on ladders but this may be too many to make commercially available.