Shipping Containers

I really needed some shipping containers, more cover for models to cower behind, or use as cover as they heroically charge into combat.

Anyway, I decided to make my own. The first being a very very plain box with lines etched into the sides. But there are plans for more interesting shapes.

The Octo Container is the first interesting shape. I have finally started doing something other than a 90° angle.

The next design is something more ambitous and the one after that, well, there is much more to come in 2019…

Nearly Done

Some of the large transporter wall decor are separate resin bits, mostly from Ainsty and Antenocitis Workshop. These have been painted as individual components rather than trying to paint them glued into position.

I do like Antenocitis power junctions with the tinted plastic tube.

Next up are some Ainsty bits, a computer bank, a spacesuit (painted in 2001 colours), some oxygen/chemical tanks and a medical bed.

I have cheated a bit and used some printed screen images for monitors dotted around the ship. I still have two more do, but the finished screens have some displays from well known movies and tv.

The interior of the ship is nearly finished, I think.

I have to hope that some inking and the addtion of the wall components will bring it all together.

Industrial Kill Team

I am getting to the point where my MDF industrial terrain is just about what I had in mind when I started, multiple towers, linked by walkways.

This game had three towers for the Elucidian Starstriders and the Deathwatch to do battle over, five objectives to hold for as long as possible.

The Deathwatch are an elite unit of veterans, each armed with specialist weapons and skills.

The Deathwatch Marine below has a Voidsman in his laser sights…

Joken’s entire Space Marine collection was on the table, that right, five Deathwatch models, very nicely painted.

Space Marine armour is hard to crack, sometimes even hard to hit when they are over half range and obscured.

The Starstider medic must be in the right place at the right time to be able to take a flesh wound off a friendly model, it worked once…

Finally worked out how to do melee combat correctly, Ms Vhane is a tough cookie.

Not so tough is Knosso Prond the Assassin, she took plenty of flesh wounds before getting into combat.

Only one Starstrider was out of action by the end of the four turns, models do tend to hang around in a game of Kill Team.

Elucidian Starstriders

They took a while but I am pleased with them. Lots of detail but fortunately only a few models so I wanted to spend a bit of time on each one.

These are the Elucidian Starstriders, a small band of Rogue Traders under the command of Elucia Vhane.

Although she does not look that dangerous, Elucia Vhane packs a hefty close combat punch and is remarkably durable.

Larsen van der Grauss has an area effect protective field, but in a game like Kill Team, the models get spread out quite quickly.

Equipped with some Krugeresque claws, Sanistasia Minst is the team medic, quite a lot of points for a medic who has to be 1″ from an injured model to have an effect, but I will have to see how she fares.

Any good Rogue Trader team needs an Assassin and Knosso Prond is it.

For some heavy firepower the Voidsman Gunner can lay down some suppressing fire while the rest more forward, at least that is the plan.

Voidmaster Nitsch and the hound, Aximillion. Nitsch has short range weapons but in the confines of densly packed terrain, he may prove a useful chap.

Finally, there are the three trusty Voidsmen, each armed with a Lasgun and a Laspistol. Not a lot of points, but necessary to take objectives.

These are all really nice models that will also get used in Rogue Stars and any other genric Sci-Fi game I can think of. There must also be a way of including them in my Grey Knights or Blood Angels 40K forces as specialists…