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Sedition Wars Figures

I wanted to get these models completed for when we give Black Ops another go. Or maybe even Fist Full Of Kung Foo. A few of these will come in handy.

First up is a sniper model, definitely not in a firing pose.
The first of two specialists is armed with a pistol and a kit bag. I was going to put a Red Cross on it to make him a medic, but thought he would be better off as a generic specialist to fulfill any role.
The next chap is another specialist with some sort of light flamer.
And here we have a burly dude with a very big gun.
This is not Riddick, but Roderick, a close combat expert wielding two claws ripped from a creature.
Finally a female heroine equipped with a blaster and a sword for the up close and personal stuff.

Sedition Wars Infantry

The last of the Sedition Wars Vanguard infantry are finished, can’t really say these took very long to paint, mostly Gun Metal.
I did modify a couple of rifles to add an under slung Grenade Launcher, which is just a bit of lead off cut.
I also wanted something more resembling a Light Machine Gun so took one of the grenade launcher weapons and added a magazine clip and longer barrel.

First Go At Black Ops

blackopsWe had our first go at Black Ops last week. We played a straight forward encounter rather than a stealth mission just to get to grips with the basic movement and combat rules.

The rules are pretty simple, but in places the rulebook could be better laid out. There are a number fo profile errors, with incorrect save values in a couple of places.

The rules contain loads of weapon abreviations that are a bit confusing, I’m not even sure what some of them are. But it looks like the Assault Rifle will be the weapon of choice.

The card activation system is good and adds some randomness to the turn sequence, basically, the main characters are the Aces, heavy weapons are the Kings and the troopers are the Jacks.

None of the model profiles seem overpowered, the leader of a team does not really have any extra game turning abilities other than he can be a bit more difficult to damage.
Close combat seemed a bit under powered, we had several rounds of hand bags with not a lot happening. Stealth kills should be different.
Snipers are quite good fun, especially if they are we positioned in cover, not only are they hard to hit, but their save gets improved as well.
My Sedition Wars models did the job for Black Ops, they fill the role of high tech Special Forces with some serious looking body armour.
We have another planned next week where we will try one of the missions and the stealth rules. It will be good to see how the noise rules work and how unaware sentries gradually twig that something is going on.

Sedition Wars Figures

Although I have had Sedition Wars for ages, these are the first figures I have painted and they really are very easy to paint. I wanted a very metallic finish to these high tech soldiers, so it was just a bit of Bolt Gun Metal, Silver and Metallic Blue for the visors.
There are two games that these can get used in, firstly A Fist Full Of Kung Foo, although only the models with rifles will fall into the “Extras” category.
Secondly, they may be suitable for Black Ops, the latest Osprey book that I bought.