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Slow Progress

Having time off work helps with old projects. After many months of being ignored, I am determined to finished the rather large transporter.

The exterior is pretty well finished.
I have been busy painting the interior details.

Some of which are difficult to get to.


Quinjet Quick Build

This is yet another cheap eBay purchase that I thought would make either good scenery or a good flyer for a game, an Avengers Quinjet. I did not buy it new in a box, but this is how it was originally sold…

The shape is good, I am not planning to do anything much with this model, but I did want some undercarriage as I did not like the way the fuselage just sat on the ground.

I have cut some mdf wheels so I thought I would make some chunky undercarriage.

It was a bit too chunky for my liking, so I added some bodywork to cover most of it up.

I am going to add some magnets inside the wings for weapon mounts and then I need to decide if I am going to add any flying base mount before I glue the two halves together.

What’s On The Table?

The upper hull is about done.

The nose cone is removable and reveals…

…an embarkation point for models.

As you can see, I added a few rivets…

…and a missile launch module

The engines will get glued into a fixed position, when they rotate, the paint on the supporting arms gets scratched off as the engine body moves, a pain in the butt.

Looking good, time to start on the lower hull.