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Industrial Office Tower

Having designed the Industrial Processing Tower based around a Pringles tube, I thought I would design a Pringle-less tower, something that does not require munching through a pack of snacks (although having a couple of teenage girls around always helps in that respect.

This construction, the Industrial Office Tower, uses level at the same heights for the levels as the Industrial Processing Tower so they fit together nicely with the joining ramps.

There is still loads of work to do on all the boring flat surfaces, I have plenty of sketches that I will turn into designs in the next few weeks.

I have also been experimenting with a removable wall section to allow models to be positioned inside.

Hiding tabs is sometimes quite tricky, so in some places, I make a feature of it and make some interesting alternating patterns, such as where there are raised sections around the stairwells.

On the top level is large design, but I think that may be going or at least changing to something else.

The most difficult bit has been designing the stairs, they are almost finished, watch this space. Some of the supports were a bit short on this iteration and did not line up with the wall tabs.


Fantasy Style House

So I have not given up, I am pressing ahead making the stuff I want to use on a table. My next prototype is a fantasy style beamed house.

I tried a few different ideas out with this one, some random brickwork on the ground floor, random tiles on the roof, and an unusual roof shape.

Time To Give Up

As I have been posting recently, I have been doing a bit of MDF laser cutting and making some terrain models that I would want to use in a game. But having seen this on FB I really am beginning to wonder about what I can hope to achieve. The models by uGears are mindblowing, I can’t even begin to imagine where you would start creating models like this.

Industrial Tower MK2

The first version of my Industrial Tower was okay to look at, but was very difficult to put together.

The MK2 is much easier to build and has way fewer pieces.

It still needs some tweaking, in particular, the tread plate pattern looks great but takes ages to cut. I have made several alternative tread plate patterns which may be quicker, I will see the next time I get access to a machine!

Each of the four main supports for the levels is now a single piece, which really does make a difference when building it.

I have kept some of the detail bits I like, such as the terminal on each level.

The ladders between each level work well, the rungs are a nice effect.