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Statue Base

I decided some of my town setups needed some statues to add a bit of character, so I created a simple mdf plinth. This design has actually been made for a Salute freebie model but I have tested it out on this random geezer on a horse.
I have a bunch of Salute giveaway models from over the years and plan to make plinths to fit a variety if model sizes.


Office Block

The Mark II version of the Office Block has a different stair entrance. For this model I also added the corner stonework which I painted a good contrasting colour.

The roof and interior floors are just paper images found on DIY websites and printed, cheating I know, but it works for me!

There is a Mark III with double doors at the front, but I don’t have one cut yet.

Staircase Prototype

Jim from Products For Wargamers suggested I make something for the industrial range using the smaller snack size Pringles tube. He even gave me a snack size Pringles tube, but it was empty, which was a bit disappointing, even so, without the prospect of free nibbles, I said I would have a go.

Anyway, I thought about it for a while, just making a very small tower seemed like a waste of time, may as well just have a single height square tower and leave out the tube. So a spiral staircase seemed like a good idea and here is the first attempt. Actually it is the second attempt, the first version need slightly higher vertical supports so I did not even try to build it.

It is difficult to build but it does look good, I think I can alter the build process a little to make it easier.