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Warcry Games

My newly painted (and nearly finished) Warcry terrain got its first use in a couple of games this week. This allowed us to use the terrain setup cards as well as the missions and twist cards. The whole thing works very well giving loads of setup options. Not all of the terrain is used in every mission, so some of the newly painted (and nearly finished) terrain did not even get used, after all that hard work as well!

These games featured Mr Steinbergs new Orc horde against my Iron Golem warband.

The first game we played was capture and burn objectives, so some strategic running around was required to outnumber opponents to allow an objective to be claimed.

Quite a few of Mr Steinbergs Orcs had bows and so they are able to pop off a few shots and take a few wounds off the Iron Golems before any serious melee breaks out.

It was all tied up at two objectives each before the Iron Golem’s decided to beat down on a few Orcs and so miss the opportunity to get a tie. The sneaky green ones managed to claim the last two objectives and get a win.

The next game had the greenskins needing to kill three particular models in the Iron Golem warband, including the large and scary Ogre.

Deployment can cause some challenges, as you never quite know where your models are going to come on until the deployment card is flipped, makes it interesting!

Luckliy for the Iron Golem’s, the hard hitting massive spear was kept away from Ogre, but the other two targets fell quite quickly.

In the end it was a big brawl and even the mighty 30 wound Ogre was taken down, nibbled to death by the green tide.

I like this game, good game mechanics, quite different from the norm, the added abilities, both generic and warband specific give each force a unique style.

Iron Golem Warband

Here is the complete Iron Golem warband from the starter box in all their gory glory.

All eight models come to just under the 1000 point mark, so there is not much scope for varying the warband. I may have to look for some proxy models in the Loft Full Of Lead that could be used, but these guys have a certain style that my really old Chaos models do not fit.

Iron Golem Ogor Breacher

The last of the Iron Golem warband is the large rather massive Ogre Breacher. He is imposing and so far in the two games played he attracts attention but has not really been the big hit I thought he would be.

Like all the Iron Golems, he is slow, mostly due to their armour I guess, but he is very strong. The trouble is, he only gets two attacks, which makes him susceptible to totally missing his opponent and standing around like a lemon. But when he does hit, he can take out a basic fighter in one go.

Iron Golem Drillmaster

The Iron Golem Drillmaster is one of the elite fighters, this chap also has a bolas givign him a 3″ attack.

I have found that great care is required when storing and transporting these models, as some parts are quite fragile and could easily break, especially the chains. I need to be careful when opening the model case to make sure the chains and spikes do not get caught in the foam insert.