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I went to see 1917 last night. Rather good I must say.

I really want to find out how it was shot as it looks to be just several really long takes, which is just not possible. Roger Deakins must get an Oscar for the cinematography. It has some tough competition this year with a few other great movies, but this is something a bit special that I have not seen before.

This is one that I am looing forward to seeing again.

Rise Of Skywalker

The latest Star Wars movie, The Rise Of Skywalker is out at the local multiplex and we dutifully went along to see how the third trilogy would wrap up.

After the rather nonsensical  space chase of the previous installment, this was much better, but was still clearly an advert for Disney toys. It did seem to be a number of scenes that are good by themselves, but JJ Abrams had to stitch them together somehow to make a movie. It did plod along for the first bit with the heroes off on a few quests to find clues, but by the end, it delivered the usual big space battle finale.

Stormtroopers really are rubbish and quite frankly they may as well not bother with their nice white armour as it cannot stop a damn thing…and the vision through their helmets must really hinder aiming…

It was also a fond farewell to Carrie Fisher.