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Avengers Endgame

The last ten years has led to this moment, in my opinion, one of the best of the Marvel series and one that ends the epic story.
Thanks Stan! Excelsior!


I went to see Alita Battle Angel with my kids this week. I actually quite enjoyed it.

It has all been done before, it is very much Elysium meets Rollerball meets anything to do with Cyborg killers.
I did find myself looking at all the background stuff a lot thinking it would make great wargames scenery.

It does end with a sequel very much on the cards, but due to the fact it cost somewhere between US$170m and US$200m to make, it really will have to do very well at the cinema. The screening I saw it in only had about 10 people in a very large theatre. We will see…

Ant Man And The Wasp

I took my daughter and her friend to see the new Ant Man And The Wasp movie tonight, I had to talk them into it, but I think they enjoyed it as much as I did.

Michael Peña has some great comedy scenes, the dude sure can talk fast, I will have to see it again on TV one day to take it all in.