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Black Panther

The latest release in the ever expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe is the much anticipated Black Panther, and it does not disappoint. T’Challa made his first appearance in Captain America Civil War and is back for his own adventure.

The action lives up to the usual Marvel standard, plenty of super-powered smashing and bashing and there is a great car chase.

There are amazing sets with a blend of Africa and an ultra modern city. There is one bit, where a scene takes place in a street market in South Korea and shortly afterwards there is a scene in a street market in Wakanda, and the similarities and differences between the two were pretty cool.

I also enjoyed the music and I will be seeking out the soundtrack.

Andy Serkis as Ulysses Klaue is brilliant as he has been been in several preceding Marvel movies, he plays an utterly insane psychopath armed with a wickedly powerful, er, arm, he steals the first half of the film.

So next is The Avengers Infinity War with everyone playing a part.


Spider-Man Homecoming

Seems to be quite a few movies out at the moment that I want to see on the big screen. After Wonder Woman a couple of weeks ago, Spider-Man Homecoming was next on the agenda. A very young Tom Holland is now the third actor to play webhead since 2002 and the modern Marvel cinematic universe project.

It kicks off with Spidey’s part in Captain America Civil War before returning to New York and an encounter with Batman The Vulture played by Batman  Michael Keaton. The film is a blast and ties in with The Avengers and Captain America very nicely, with the abuse of the alien technology from the Battle Of New York being the main theme.

There are plenty of Marvel gags and Stan Lee pops up yet again for his fifteen second scene. I don’t like to say too much about new movies as I would hate to spoil it, but I did sit until the very end of the credits to see Captain America’s extra scene, the less said about that the better…

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2

I went to see Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 yesterday with the family. Quite enjoyed it, but it did not grab me as much as the first one did.
The special effects are almost too much, there is sometimes so much going on that it is difficult to keep to with what is actually going on. It must be very difficult to act in one of these movies as it must nearly all be green screen on set. There are some good gags, but I did feel it tries too hard to be funny.

Still worth seeing.

Doctor Strange

I went to see Doctor Strange this evening in the next installment of the Marvel marathon movie franchise. Beardy Benedict “Sherlock” Cumberbatch was a good choice for the role, Marvel do have a habit of getting the casting right.
The folding city scenes were very well done, but I’m glad I did not see it in 3D, I probably would have fallen off my seat…

Civil War

I went to see Captain America Civil War yesterday, excellent movie, one of the best Marvel outings yet. Some good laughs blended in to the action, in fact more laughs than in some recent alleged comedies. Stan Lee gets a good line. No spoilers here, just go see it.

A Female Thor?

Just read this on the BBC News. Marvel have decided to change Thor into a female character. Really? A female Thor? You must be kidding. Is this just a coincidence that it is happening at the same time that David Cameron reshuffles the UK Government Cabinet to include more female cabinet ministers? I think not. At last it is now confirmed that Stan Lee is in league with the Tory party…
female-thorStarbuck changed gender in Battlestar Galactica, but that was many many years after the original TV series that it worked. What will we get now? A female Thor in one set of comics and the original Thor in the Avengers?

Journey-Into-Mystery-83I have read Thor since the very first issue of Journey Into Mystery #83. Not that I have the actual issue, or was reading much at all in 1962, but I have caught up with the Thor story through to the Avengers and it has always been one of my favourite characters. So if the male Thor is to become “unworthy” and give up his right to Mjölnir, that does mean that this replacement lady-Thor can be a temporary thing and ultimately give back Mjölnir when man-Thor becomes worthy again. I can hope.