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Incredibles 2

How many years after the first one? Too many. But worth the wait, has some good laughs and amazing action for an animated movie.

I reckon Jack-Jack should get his own movie!


Dead Good Deadpool 2

Laugh out loud super violent dead good Deadpool. I never like to give anything from a movie away, so no specific comments but I really enjoyed it. It is a very different Marvel movie from the Cinematic Unviverse story line.

Stick around for the nuggets at the end.

Black Panther

The latest release in the ever expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe is the much anticipated Black Panther, and it does not disappoint. T’Challa made his first appearance in Captain America Civil War and is back for his own adventure.

The action lives up to the usual Marvel standard, plenty of super-powered smashing and bashing and there is a great car chase.

There are amazing sets with a blend of Africa and an ultra modern city. There is one bit, where a scene takes place in a street market in South Korea and shortly afterwards there is a scene in a street market in Wakanda, and the similarities and differences between the two were pretty cool.

I also enjoyed the music and I will be seeking out the soundtrack.

Andy Serkis as Ulysses Klaue is brilliant as he has been been in several preceding Marvel movies, he plays an utterly insane psychopath armed with a wickedly powerful, er, arm, he steals the first half of the film.

So next is The Avengers Infinity War with everyone playing a part.

The Last Jedi

Just seen The Last Jedi on a large 2D iSense screen with big sound, best way to see it. I enjoyed it, but there are a bunch of “why did they do that” moments and “well, if that’s how to destroy a massive spaceship then why don’t they do that all the time?”. Maybe that is just the cynic in me, it was great fun.

Thor Ragnarok

Really enjoyed the new Thor Ragnarok movie. I reckon that since the Guardians Of The Galaxy, Marvel have tried to add a lot more humour to their films. Thor Ragnarok has plenty of jokes with some of the best lines delivered by Jeff Goldblum playing the only character type that Jeff Goldblum can play.
Kate Blanchett plays the villainess brilliantly, who would have thought she could play such an action part with such evil charm.
It also has the most excellent use of a Led Zeppelin song in an action sequence. Twice.

Another success for the Marvel studio.