Scratch Built Turret

On the top of the transporter hull is an opening that needed filling. I can make several things to go in here depending on how I want to use the ship when it if finished.

I thought a turret would be a good idea, but building a symmetrical turret seemed a bit tricky, so I cheated and built an off center turret with the weapon barrel offset to one side.

This was much easier and as a first attempt, it turned out pretty good.

I added some detail to the barrel, but the glue is not taking very well to the barrel and two bits have fallen off already.

Inquisitors Car

The second of my Wargame Exclusive models is this Inquisitor car. At the moment, I have no idea what I will use it for, I just really like the model.

It has a great Batman vibe going on but the wings and the iconography clearly mark this out as a Warhammer 40K vehicle.

The casting is simply superb, one tiny bubble and very little to clean up before it can go together. The main body is only three parts so it did not take long to fit together after a quick wash.

It is now ready for undercoating.

Grey Knights Proxy

I ordered a few models from Wargame Exclusive a couple of weeks ago after spending a week or so drooling over the eye candy on their website. They have now arrived and I have been distracted from the current project.

There are several models I like the look of on their website, one of which was an alternative Space Marine character that I fancied using as a Grey Knights model.

Click to enlarge

The casting is just fantastic with only a little cleanup worked required. There are several very small bits, I thought I lost one bit when I was washing it, but they all seem to be there. I am not sure where some of the very small bits go, I may leave some off.
When he is done, he should look like this…

Wargame Exclusive are base in the Ukraine with an expanding range of really nice models. Shipping is reasonable at a flat €4 rate across Europe.

Upper Desk Platform

A deck has been added to the front of the transport which can be used for models to disembark from.

Getting the plastic deck to fit was a bit hit and miss so there are some large gaps around the edge.

In these situations, it is sometimes better to make any remedial work a feature. With this in mind, a load of edging detail was added with extra (and unnecessary) bracing.

But I have discovered that the front cover piece does not fit on the hull any more as some locating lugs now foul on the edging I have added…some more remedial work is required.

Internal Layout

Finally worked up the internal structure for the bridge.

The front of the bridge will be a curved wall for a change, although I may be making it difficult to conceal some of the nose section where the wiring is.

The rest of the ship is pretty much done except for some more detailing here and there, which will no doubt take ages to complete.

The overall layout has plenty of space for models and should make this a good piece to use in games.

Engine Nozzles

Using some old paint pot lids, I have made some rocket nozzles.

My initial nozzle used a plastic disc inserted into the cap, but cutting a decent 15mm circle was really quite difficult.

I used some 15mm mdf offcuts in the end which were much better. Bits of plasticard make for useful bits to conceal the lid thread. I may still add some external pipes to add more detail and perhaps help hold them in place.

With the rear section in place on the hull, the whole thing looks okay, when they are painted black they should look less like pot lids. I hope.