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One Shot

This is a mech from the Relic Knights range, a nice looking model with quite an imposing main weapon. It needed to be straightened a bit in boiling water and it seems to be good.

The pilot is not really what I would put on top, I will see if I can find something a bit more suitable.

Black Diamond Troopers

I have ten of these Relic Knights Black Diamond dudes armed with impressive looking shotguns.
The restic plasto-resin hybrid is not brilliant, but I intend to practice with black contrast paint on them before I tackle some Deathwatch models. If they turn out okay, they may well get used in Rogue Stars or as retinue for the Inquisition.


In the great build something campaign of the last six weeks, I went back tothe Relic Knights models from CMON. These were made from a terrible “restic” resin plastic hybrid of some description that was awful to work with, hence the reason they all got put in The Loft Full Of Lead.

Trimming mould lines was a real pain, using a file did not work, the best way was to use a new scapel blade and carefully trim the lines off.

The finished model is quiet fun, somewhat different to the usual wargaming models. I want to see if I can get this range into a Rogue Stars game or something similar.

Relic Knights Delivered

After a Kickstarter campaign generating $909,000 and a huge wait, the Relic Knights Kickstarter has landed in the UK. A somewhat smaller box than I was expecting, but it does seem to have the rules, counters and two factions. The trouble is, it has been so long since I completed the pledge manager, I can’t remember what I was expecting to get.

The rulebook looks pretty good, plenty of background fluff and a rule section that does not look too large or complex. There is also a quickstart mini booklet with just the rules.


The first of the factions I opted for were the Black Diamond faction. Basically armoured human soldiers.

The second faction is the Cerci Speed Circuit, chicks on hover bikes I think.

Due to several other projects on the modelling table at the moment, this will have to wait for a while. I do need to try and check that everything I am expecting is actually there and I may put together a model or two to see what they look like. I just hope the resin/plastic is better than the Sedition Wars material.