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Relic Knights Delivered

After a Kickstarter campaign generating $909,000 and a huge wait, the Relic Knights Kickstarter has landed in the UK. A somewhat smaller box than I was expecting, but it does seem to have the rules, counters and two factions. The trouble is, it has been so long since I completed the pledge manager, I can’t remember what I was expecting to get.

The rulebook looks pretty good, plenty of background fluff and a rule section that does not look too large or complex. There is also a quickstart mini booklet with just the rules.


The first of the factions I opted for were the Black Diamond faction. Basically armoured human soldiers.

The second faction is the Cerci Speed Circuit, chicks on hover bikes I think.

Due to several other projects on the modelling table at the moment, this will have to wait for a while. I do need to try and check that everything I am expecting is actually there and I may put together a model or two to see what they look like. I just hope the resin/plastic is better than the Sedition Wars material.