Battle Dog Kickstarter

It is the last week of the Ramshackle Kickstarter for their Battle Dog and Püg. I like this small tank and have opted for a squadron!
The shot above is an earlier version, the final models will have a lowered turret ring and an extended hull to the rear of the tracks.
The picture on the right shows some of the evolution taking place during the Kickstarter following backers feedback. The sponsons can be replaced with full length armoured plates if required, but I prefer the sponsons, who wants armour when you can have more guns!

These models will be used in one of my No Limits forces and may even get profiled for a role in my AT-43 UNA army.

Magnetised Weapons

Modified some more GW weapons for use with my Antenocitis Nova-Rus “Bear” 4×4 Jeep. These have been fitted with magnets to attach to the jeep weapon mount…as well as other vehicles.
A plasma cannon for anti vehicle use and an assault cannon for heavy infantry pacification.

AT-43 Cogs vs ONI

Last night saw the first outing for two AT-43 armies, my Cogs and John’s ONI. We had been picking up models over the last few months from eBay and had more than enough to have a 3500 points game. John also had a new game mat to use with our terrain and that worked really well.
Both of our army selections were really designed to try out the various unit types to see how the forces played and how to work on the army structure and tactics in the future.
I went for a number of Cog hero models with the AI ability which allowed the spawning of new Prowler Mech units for 4 LP.
Which I did.
A lot.
Ended up with seven Prowlers on the table having started with three.
The ONI turned up with the Heavy Battletank and is one shot Mech killer Heavy Maser Gun, very nasty.
We both played a cautious game with neither of us wanting to advance vulnerable infantry too far across the table. Although a unit of Zombies did disembark from a Medium Enforcer and charge towards a Cog position trying out their Zombie Guns with good results!
The Cog Trackers and Hunters did move up a bit to get decent ranged shots on selected targets but the Trackers in particular paid the price.
As a first outing for our new armies (for a dead game?) it was a good start, we both have things to think about. I want some Cog Countersniper models, but I may have to convert some Gunmen…

Steampunk Gatling Cannon

A friend was doing some test casts with resin and had cast up a gatling gun. Seemed like too good a chance to miss to turn it into a field piece.
I had made some green stuff wheels using a Silly Gum cast that would work well on a model this size. The gun shield was just cut from plastic card. It still needs a bit more detail such as rivets on the gun shield and on the side of the chassis.
Some stabilising legs were added at the rear which also stopped it from tipping forward.
It is shown here with a couple of Meridian infantry, reckon this will be added to the army…along with some other steampunk hardware currently being worked on, including a Steampunk Tank.

Final Dust Allies To Paint

The end is nigh, the last of the Dust Allied models is underway. The bunker with some very heavy Phasers is on the painting table, although this is actually a shelf…
The bunker has been undercoated grey ready for a simple camouflage paint scheme. The crew should be pretty quick to finish as well. The bunker will double up nicely for general WWII games such as Bolt Action or other games such as AT-43 or Secrets of the Third Reich.