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Mantic Mole

This was one of the first models I undercoated with my new compressor, the effort required to finish it off was not too much, just some silver, black and brass.

The weapon in the nose section is removable so I can run it in Steam Wars as just a transport or a tank!


Exo-Armour Scrunts

My Bob Olley Exo-Armour Scrunts arrived a few weeks ago and I have been wanting to get them put together and ready for a game with the Prussian Steam Wars army.

I have two sets of the five models so plan to make three squads of three and one “hero” model.

I am currently mulling over how to dish out the various weapon arms. I think I will have one squad as very close combat orientated, one as ranged weapon specialist and one somewhere in the middle.

I have since trimmed off the tabs to make fitting them to bases a bit easier.