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Toons Tank

This seemed like a good idea when I bought this online, I thought the Toons style design was quite fun and might work as a steampunk tank, but now I am not so sure. This Meng Toons King Tiger is more likely to work as a Weird War II tank.

The model itself took a few minutes to build, really not very many parts.

The tracks are soft rubber so they can actualy work, but I do not want that, so I have glued the wheels in place.

When it came to painting, I originally did a green and brown cammo pattern with my airbrush but I did not like it. So I went back and did a dark gray that I will highlight a bit.


One of my intentions is to reduce the number of new games I buy into. But I must say I have failed this week with the purchase of Tanks by Gale Force Nine.
Can’t really complain as I bought it for a good price and I have loads of Flames Of War tanks that may now actually get used for something. I tried it out last week at the famous shed of Mr Steinberg and it is a nice game. Basically it is X-Wing for tanks. I used a platoon of Panzer IV’s and went up against firstly a squadron of Shermans and then a trio of heavy Russian tanks.

I like the game, it is quick, objective driven and you don’t need too much stuff. I’m not sure that some of the expensive commanders are worth the points but I maybe some more games will clear up why they cost so much.

Bolt Action

Bolt Action is one of those games that looks really good but I just don’t play enough. Too many games, not enough time.

In an attempt to put that right, we had a large game, pretty much ignoring the force construction rules, so we could try out lots of different units again and remind us how it works.

Two Shermans on the American side did not last long, leaving the German armour to do what they wanted.
The American infantry advanced using ever bit of cover available.
As did the Germans, this is not a game to get caught out in the open.boltaction3
An armoured German Nebelwerfer was hard to kill, but also had trouble hitting targets. The Panzer IV and the Marder had a much better day.
German artillery got itself into a good position and was able to drop shells onto the Americans.
American Bazooka unit got a shot off  against the German armour but failed to hit. Twice.
An American flamer did get a hit on a German armoured car and caused it to promptly retreat. But that was not before the armoured car took out an American halftrack.
More US infantry advance towards the German lines.
An American HMG team were largely ineffective and spent the entire afternoon exchanging bursts with a German HMG team.
The Americans decided to retreat and the day belonged to the Germans.

Bolt Action is good game that really must come out more often.

Final Dust Allies To Paint

The end is nigh, the last of the Dust Allied models is underway. The bunker with some very heavy Phasers is on the painting table, although this is actually a shelf…
The bunker has been undercoated grey ready for a simple camouflage paint scheme. The crew should be pretty quick to finish as well. The bunker will double up nicely for general WWII games such as Bolt Action or other games such as AT-43 or Secrets of the Third Reich.

Quonset Huts

Finished painting six quonset huts for Dust and WWII games, although they will get used in AT-43 and any other modern through to sci-fi game.

quonsethuts1The armoured tractor painted last week is shown here alongside the huts. I must get some sort of watch tower and an airfield control building to finish off the theme.

quonsethuts2These were undercoated with Army Painter Olive spray, but the paint dried with a very rough grainy effect. While this was not a problem on the huts, it has not left the desired finish on the Antenocitis Nova-Rus Jeep.

WWII Armoured Tractor

This was a pretty dodgy casting of a World War II armoured tractor that I purchased at Colours last year. This was to use mainly as a bit of terrain along with the Dust Quonset Huts in an airfield setting.

wwiitractor1I had to do a bit of repair work and replace the main forward stack. I also decided to add some more armoured plates here and there.

wwiitractor2Sprayed green, a bit of extra colour and GW’s new Rust paint followed by an ink wash and its good enough for terrain.