Refreshing The Brotherhood

Most of my old Brotherhood army had been repainted a few years ago to be used in my Warhammer $40,000 Grey Knights army, but there were still more in the Loft Full Of Lead. So having started Warzone Resurrection recently, I grabbed a few more units for a quick touch up.brotherhoodrefresh1
The unit below is a unit of Arch Primates from the previous edition of Warzone, I have used these as a unit of standard Brotherhood Troopers.

What’s On The Table?

There has been much gnashing of teeth recently as I find there is too much stuff on the painting table. I have several projects on the go and I want to get each finished as quickly as possible.
So the result is that I have a Warzone “Classic” Dark Legion army on the table for Warzone Ressurrection, some old Brotherhood models that are being refreshed,  the Land Train for my Steam Wars projects and lots of other stuff not even shown…

tarkin-i-was-just-talking-to-vader-about-prioritiesThere is an Axis army for Dust, all the Prussian Scrunts and plenty of steampunk artillery.

So I have prioritise some of the stuff and as I am currently getting into Warzone Resurrection, I want to get a “new” army painted, so the Dark Legion will jump to the front of the queue. Joken John is expecting a new force to oppose his Capitol and it would be a shame to disappoint.

Steampunk Bots

Just about ready to put the whole of the Regency Armed Forces together with all of the various units and work on the army list.

As I am building two different forces, I am trying to maintain some sort of style for each army. These Assault Bots and Quad-Walkers will be used to support the Regency infantry units.
I will have to try to get the whole army into one photograph just to see how insane it all is…

Steam Wars

With all the steampunk modelling and painting going around here, I must finish the rules that will be used to actually get these models onto the tabletop and into a game. I have set myself the goal of completing the game rules and the army lists for the Prussian Scrunts and the Imperial Army by the end of April.

This set of rules will be called…
steam-wars1A long time ago in an alternate timeline not very far away….

These rules are based on the No Quarter Fantasy rules that have been around for 14 years or so, but they have been streamlined and simplified to make the games quicker and the building of army lists a bit easier. It is in fact No Quarter Lite.

More Land Train Progress

The main build of the Land Train is finished, when all connected together, it is a long model. I think I did well to resist going for another trailer, that would have been too much.
The engine is finished off with some front mounted weapons and an exhaust system. There is a Battle Dog turret as well that can be mounted on top of the engine. As regular visitors will know, I have used a few magnets to make the weapons interchangeable.
One of the trailer weapons systems is a quad barreled anti-aircraft flak cannon.
On the last trailer, I added a non-standard weapon from the Ramshackle parts catalog. This can be removed if required. I want to source a radar dish or a comms beacon which could be used instead.

tarkin-more-magnets-than-a-death-starGiven the small problems of lining up the towing hitches on the trailers, I thought some small magnets would help, but I was wrong. I needed some large magnets. The 2mm magnets I tried first were just not up too the job, some nice thick 6mm magnets solved the problem and allowed all of the trailers to link together without pulling apart when the Land Train was moved. In fact, these little beauties are so strong, I would not be surprised if they rip out of the resin… landtrainwip10
So there it is, a monster Land Train. It needs a very small amount of filler here and there but otherwise it is ready for undercoating sometime.

Land Train Progress

I have been making some progress with the Ramshackle Land Train. The engine section is a very large lump if resin and a liberal amount of superglue was required to stick the sections together.
The trick with the trailers is to make the towing hitches line up so the whole Land Train will link together.
tarkin-so-he-has-a-cunning-plan-ill-bet-i-knowOnce the tracks were on the engine, the tracks can be glued on making sure the towing hitches are at the right height. Easier said than done. Being just 1 millimeter out at the front or back means the trailers do not connect correctly. So using various bits of card to hold the trailers body at the right height and then fixing the tracks to the sides, the point of no return was reached and the glue slapped on.

Anyway, it did not work out and sure enough there was a difference in towing hitch height on one of the trailers. This calls for Plan B.
Once all the tracks are on, the overall look of this beast is quite impressive, and that is before any weaponry has been added. Also, due to the casting, it is not going to require a lot of filler before undercoating.

Resin Washing

Now that I have made some space by finishing some of the painting backlog, I can start the construction of the Ramshackle Land Train.
tarkin-that-looks-like-a-pretty-big-projectThere is plenty of it, the main engine and three trailers.

I have done a bit of cleaning up first, getting rid of some of the flash and then giving it a good wash to get rid of any release agent.

Now comes the fun of sticking it all together. The trailers should be quite easy, just need to watch the tracks height so the hitches all line up.

No problem…