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Empire Greatswords

The last few weeks has been spent designing, building and painting MDF Tudor style buildings, but I did manage to get a twenty man unit of Greatswords finishd for Oathmark.

Some had been painted years ago, but they all needed attention to get them ready for action.

Used the paint scheme of those painted years ago as the basecoat and then matched the rest. I think the red and white uniform looks striking. I used Apothecary White Contrast paint on the white and then Army Painter Dark Tone on the rest of the model.

Oathmark Movement Trays

Loads of companies already do movement trays and the chances are that someone out there already does trays almost identical to these.

Regular viewers here will know I like to dabble with MDF designs. The new Oathmark game from Osprey uses movement trays, a unit typically has a five man front rank, and a maximum of fours ranks for infantry.

I thought it would make sense for all infantry units to have the same frontal width regardless of the base size individual models are on.

As I wanted the option of using my Game Of Thrones Lannister models in an army, I started with the front row being five models with 30mm round bases.

Using the same overall tray width and depth, I then spaced out 25mm based models. I also did a 20mm round version, but I don’t know what I would use that one for.

The next movement tray was for three large models on 40mm round bases and 50mm round bases (not shown).

That was most of the round bases covered. Next are the square variants. I started with my really old Warhammer Undead models on 20mm square bases (I am not going to rebase these ever!)

25mm square bases obviously take the same basic footprint at the 25mm round bases. Having a gap between the bases really helps with some models as their arms can interfere with the adjacent model.

Spacing out 25mm x 50mm cavalry bases worked out nicely as well, again giving a useful gap between models for wider models.

The result is that now, a typical unit, regardless of base sizes, will nicely align in combat.

It is especially noticeable when aligning a unit on 20mm bases against a unit on 30mm bases.

Two trays will allow up to twenty infantry models in a unit and just because I could, I have made a single five model rank base for units starting with fifteen models.

There are also some 50mm by 100mm bases for catapults and giants that I will post sometime.

…and I must design an MDF catapult.

Oldhammer Empire Outriders

These are one of the old Empire units I liked the most back in the 1990’s, shocking really that I never got around to painting them.

Although these models have black powder weapons, I am going to add these to the Empire backlog even though they can’t be used in an Oathmark army list…although maybe I could use them with the Mounted Ranger profile?

Oldhammer Empire Reiksguard

I have had these old Empire Reiksguard Knights for…er…a few years. Probably since about 1992, along with a small pile of other Empire models waiting to be given some love and attention.

With the release of Oathmark, and the fact that we are all stuck without any games being played, I have been given the time to get some of these old models built and painted.

I thought these would not take long to make, after all, a body and some legs. Stick them together, what could possibly go wrong.

Well, it seems that the body and the legs do not line up very well, the sash on the models left fouls on the legs and the lance fouls on the knee. When lined up correctly, there is a gap of about 2mm at the waist.

Is it too late to complain to Games Workshop? Only by about 28 years…

One option was to trim bits of lead off the legs and the torso until they fitted. I tried one, but it was a pain. So I have added a thin slither of plastic between the torso and the legs and it seems to have worked. I now need to undercoat them in the next few days.


Perhaps not the best time to release a new set of rules, during a global lockdown when none of us can get together to play a game, but Osprey have popped out the new Oathmark rulebook. The advantage is that now is the time to dig through the Lofty Full Of Lead and find an appropriate set of figures to use.
Rather weirdly, an army can include figures from several races so mixing Human, Dwarf and Elven models o one army is not out of the question. In fact, for the first game (eventually), I will be able to use my Rackham Dwarves along with old Human militia. I don’t think I should mix Orcs in there…

The rules look good, movement tray based, not sure there is ever a reason to have a single hero runing around without a unit.

Mr Steiberg reckons cavalry are seriously tough and I have been wanting to build and paint some old Games Workshop Empire models for a decade or two. Nearly three.