Building Marathon

The mountains of MDF here are gradually getting smaller as the process of inking, painting and building proceeds at pace.

It is much easier to ink and paint the components on the sprue if at all possible. These stairs are for an square Industrial Control Tower, consisting of quite a few levels. Lots more to do.

LED Landing Pad

Over the last few weeks, I have been very busy making mdf industrial terrain to fill a 6 x 4 table.

For one of the sections, I decided to add some LEDs, and make a landing platform.

It seems to be a bit brighter than I thought it would be.

But when a nice big flyer is plonked on it, the effect if cool with the lights illuminating the underside of the vehicle.

I may well be adding some more lights…

Listening Pleasure

Over recent weeks, I have given up with listening to politics on the radio, too much Brexit and now too much about the Tory leadership election. Sigh.

So rather than listening to music, I have started playing audiobooks in the car, just recently a few 40K audiobooks. The first few I played were Space Marine and Battle Sister shooty stories, but the current audiobook is For The Emperor, much more amusing and light hearted.

I am about a quarter the way through it and it has more in common with a Tom Sharpe book than a Warhammer 40K book.

Prussian Exo-Armour

In preparation for a large Steam Wars game, I had to finish off my latest Bob Olley Exo-Armour Scrunts from his recent Kickstarter.

I painted these up in the same dark blue to match the rest of the infantry, but these had loads more gun metal on the extensive armour!

With a total of ten models from the Kickstarter, I was able to organise three units of three models for Steam Wars and have one spare to be used as a Hero.

For a little more variety, I changed two close combat weapons, one on the Hero and one regular trooper.

I hope that these are the last models I will be adding to the Prussian Scrunts as there really are quite a lot of them now.