Exo Armour Scrunts

I know it is the last day of January and I know the Exo Armour Kickstarter was not due to deliver until February, but it has arrived today, early I tell you. If only all other Kickstarters would take note.

Of course this does now present me with a problem, my well thought out modelling and painting schedule has now been jeopardised and I need to rush these to the top of the pile.

With a bit of luck, the promised snow will arrive tonight, grinding the entire UK to a halt and I will be forced to stay at home, and stick models together over the weekend.

Kill Team Grey Knights vs Scouts

So many games of Kill Team over the last few weeks, trying out new forces and working through the scenarios.

Mr Steinberg wanted to try out a predominantly Scout force with a couple a single Primaris Marines.

My Grey Knights had to advance across the combat zone into the waiting Scout snipers and various Scout weapons fire.

The objectives were scattered on differents levels, so forces had to be divided leaving lone models vulnerable.

Sometimes you just have to rely on the excellent armour of Space Marines and just take the hits, after all, reaching the objectives is what wins the game.

With the Scouts having taken up a defensive position, the Grey Knights moved and once within 12″ the Rapid Fire of their Storm Bolters proved very effective.

The Psychic phase is great for the Grey Knights, almost a free Mortal Wound dished out every turn. It did not take long before a few of the Scouts were out of action.

With only five models, any losses on the Grey Knight side hurts a lot, so once they were close enough, it was important to get close to the objectives and try to benefit from some obscuring terrain.

A Gang Of Jason’s

Mad Lemmey brought a gang of Jasons to the table recently to have a go at the Frostgarve rules for the first time. It has been a while since I had last played, but it all comes back pretty quick, they are quite a simple set of rules but make for a good quick game.

I used my Rackham Dwarf models again for no other reason than I really like them!

The band of treasure hunters that Mad Lemmey was using were some pretty old Goblin models, all of them being called Jason, don’t ask…

We did a straight forward four treasure chests game with the possibility of wandering monsters turning up.

There was not a lot of ranged combat, but there were several brawls between the Dwarfs and the Goblins, quite appropriate I suppose, they do not tend to get along.

A wandering moster did indeed turn up, a rather large and hungry looking bear, so my Wizard cast a Wall spell to hide behind. Luckily the game ended there as the remaining Goblins scuttled off to count their treasure haul. But there were fewer Jason’s left to share it with.

Both sides picked up a bit of experience and some artefacts so the next game will have to get organised soon.

The Four Towers

For a tight games of Kill Team and Rogue Stars, four towers makes for an interesting game.

With the Kill Team obscured rule being nice and simple, a target is either -1 to hit or not.

This setup is three Pringle Towers and one self supporting Crosswalk Tower.

I have also made a slightly higher ground tile for some variation.

Just wait until you see what is next!

Kill Team Game

Mr Steinberg and I had a game of Kill Team recently, my Elucidian Starstriders against his Astartes Marines.

This was a simple take and hold objectives game with one in the middle and four more dotted around.

Some nice large crates had Voidmaster Nitsch and the Assassin make good use of cover to keep out of line of sight ready to charge heroically into combat.

The trouble with holding an objective is that some poor chap has to go stand next to it in the open.

Voidmaster Nitsch was not quite close enough for a charge so he moved up to try soem ranged attacks.

Meanwhile, Elucia Vhane charged into the Marines, she is a tough cookie so can take care of herself.

The Starstrider Assassin failed to charge a couple of times, leaving the Starstriders to get a bit outnumbered.

The Assassin was still not charging.

The Starstriders did manage to hang on to some objectives and squeak a win, but it was very close.

Kill Team is a nice game, a great opportunity to work on a nice small group of models.