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40k 8th Edition

I have not played Warhammer 40k for quite a few years, which is a shame as I have a Blood Angels army that I really like. Games Workshop are releasing a new version this year, which will be available as a free download from the sound of it. I may just give it a go. Will it be 40k Age of Warhammer? They claim not in an FAQ released, but we will see.

I am not a fan of the current version, so I have some hope that the new version addresses some of my pet hates, especially around close combat.
As anyone who come here often will know, the Loft Full Of Lead contains many marvels, several of which are other 40k forces from the 1990’s that have not been out in a long time. Tiny Orks could be making a comeback.

Refreshed Ogryns

oldogryns1This is one of the quicker mini projects on the go. I found these old Ogryns in Loft Full Of Lead and thought they would well as a unit in the Prussian Scrunt army. They just needed rebasing. I wanted to retain most of the original paint job on these models so just touched up a bit here and there.

So after a new 40mm base and a wash of Army Painter Dark Tone ink, the finished unit comes up quite nicely.

Apart from repainting the boots, mainly because I had to after painting the bases, not much else was done.
I really wanted to keep the old paint job on these models, they must have been painted 25 years ago or so. I don’t even know what colour was used for the skin, it certainly is not Bronzed Flesh, my usual choice, this was much darker which made touching it up a bit tricky.
My favourite is the squad leader, mainly because I like the Coke can in his grenade belt.

Ogryns Uncovered

Since I am going a bit off topic with my impure Prussian Scrunt army, I thought I would get well and truly off the path and include a unit of Ogryns, one of which is a little on the old side.

From I985, I think this one is actually a Bob Olley model, so it fits in well with the Prussian Scrunts at least on that level.
Not sure about what year the rest were released. I will rebase these and touch up the paintwork here and there, but not too much. These were actually painted by an ex-girlfriend about 25 years ago. Check out the green nails.

Old Artillery Reborn

From a long time ago, the Thudd Gun. I found two of these in the Loft Full Of Lead and thought they would be great for the Imperial Meridian Infantry. This was originally a Games Workshop Squat Artillery piece from 1988, the early and great days of Warhammer 40,000, before it became Warhammer $40,000.
The weapon below from what I remember is from much later and it was an Ork gun. This too will work very well as another steampunk artillery piece.
Funny how the two models, one for the Squats and one for the Orks have the same wheels. Never noticed that before.

Classic GW Models

A friend was rummaging through his Loft Full Of Lead (or should that be Loft Full Of Plastic) and found these three old GW models from the last century. The original Land Raider, Rhino and Predator. I have now inherited these and will have to see what I can do with them. I originally painted the green Land Raider a long long time ago back when you could buy two Land Raiders in a box. Back in those days before there were loads of Space Marine Chapters with bright colour schemes, I always thought it better to have some sort of camouflage and painted my first Marines and tanks green! Of course these days, most of the old Marines have been repainted red for my Blood Angels…
I must take a few pictures comparing the size difference of the current and original Land Raiders and Rhino, the original Rhino looks so small.