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Blood Angels On The Move

I can’t remember which edition of 40K I started my Blood Angels army, but it has grown quite a bit over the years. As it has expanded, I have just added more and more figure cases until it was just too many. So recently I acquired a large red Games Workshop carry case, well, red is a good colour for Blood Angels.
As it is nice and deep, the Rhino’s and Baal Predator could go in end first so they could all fit.

However, my two Stormravens just will not go in here as well so they still have their own case…


Scrappers Gang

Over the last couple of weeks, we have finally had a few games with the newish Scrappers rules.

To try out the rules, I dug up my old Genestealer Cult models (a Necromunda gang) and gave them a quick touch up and inking.

Even after such a quick bit of maintenance, they look much better than they did with their basic 1990’s paint job.

But with only basic leather armour, they are not very resilient, I reckon my next gang will be a bit more varied and include some tasty mutant types.

Forge World Dread

This is another model that has been in the Loft Full Of lead for ages, when I say ages, I mean years and years. I think this was the first Contemptor Class Dreadnought released by Forge World.

I have magnetized the weapon mounts so there is plenty of scope for weapon combinations using the three I have and possibly adding more in the future.

I really like the model, but having it for years, I was not sure how to paint it, Blood Angels red or perhaps a gun metal and silver finish. I already have four Blood Angels Dreadnoughts so did not really need another. So I went down the metallic route as a Dreadnought for the Grey Knights.

Inquisitors Car

The second of my Wargame Exclusive models is this Inquisitor car. At the moment, I have no idea what I will use it for, I just really like the model.

It has a great Batman vibe going on but the wings and the iconography clearly mark this out as a Warhammer 40K vehicle.

The casting is simply superb, one tiny bubble and very little to clean up before it can go together. The main body is only three parts so it did not take long to fit together after a quick wash.

It is now ready for undercoating.

Grey Knights Proxy

I ordered a few models from Wargame Exclusive a couple of weeks ago after spending a week or so drooling over the eye candy on their website. They have now arrived and I have been distracted from the current project.

There are several models I like the look of on their website, one of which was an alternative Space Marine character that I fancied using as a Grey Knights model.

Click to enlarge

The casting is just fantastic with only a little cleanup worked required. There are several very small bits, I thought I lost one bit when I was washing it, but they all seem to be there. I am not sure where some of the very small bits go, I may leave some off.
When he is done, he should look like this…

Wargame Exclusive are base in the Ukraine with an expanding range of really nice models. Shipping is reasonable at a flat €4 rate across Europe.

Getting Sidetracked

Servo Skulls seem to be quite rare, not a lot of models come with them and eBay prices are a bit excessive. So I thought I would have a go at making some. I have a Silly Gum mould of a couple of skulls and a good supply of green stuff skulls. I added some bits in the eyes and mouths. The real test will be to see what they look like when painted.

I also needed to add a Multi-Melta to my Land Raider and due to lack of spares of that particular weapon, I had to make one. I added one of the Servo Skulls to the weapon, looks okay for a first attempt.

40K 8th Edition

Warhammer 40K 8th Edition has been kicking around for a while now and Mr Steinberg and I have once again delved into Games Workshop’s game of never ending war. The quick start rules were available free and the army indexes meant it did not cost much to try it out. In fact Mr Steinberg bought the indexes so I did not have to spend a penny. To start with anyway…

I have been playing 40K on and off since Rogue Trader first came out 30 years ago! The first book was great, 2nd Edition was good, I started to lose interest after 3rd Edition and tried 5th and 6th without much joy. I don’t think I even noticed 7th Edition being released.

I really wanted to like this edition. I have plenty of models, especially Blood Angels that have been added to in more recent years, around 5th Edition I think. I have always liked the setting and the massive range of models, loads of which have been languishing the Loft Full Of Lead for years.

We have had several games in the last few weeks, mostly with my Blood Angels against Mr Steinbergs close combat heavy Nurgle force.

I have to say I am quite impressed. It plays well, even if it is still using the I GO YOU GO turn mechanic rather than alternative activation, which I do prefer.

One thing you do need is loads of dice, especially if attacking with chainsword wielding Death Company.

Mr Steinberg has a number of proxy models in his Nurgle force, but they all looked fantastic. The Greater Beast of Nurgle (above) was pretty much a tank and a tank killer. These Nurgle will double up in Dragon Rampant, so I will be seeing plenty more of these…
The Psychic phase is quite powerful and most models seem to spend plenty of time Smiting anything within 18″. As it is a Mortal Wound, it cannot be saved.

Cover increases a units armour save by 1, but for Marines with a standard 3+ save it does not really make a huge difference, I spend my time rolling 1’s anyway for armour saves, just ask my Terminators, oh no, wait you can’t, they all died.

There are a couple of things that I am not keen on, mostly around movement and charges. All models charge 2D6 inches, regardless of what their basic move is. So a unit of jump pack equipped Assault Marines with a move of 12″ can charge as far as a unit of Terminators with a move of 5″.

I think for units with a greater basic move should be able to charge 3D6 and discard the lowest dice. House rule!

Another issue is that character models are no longer part of a unit, they are individual models. This can cause problems when trying to get a squad and a character to charge at the same enemy, the squad may not succeed in their 2D6 charge, but the character may and end up all on his own in combat. So far, I have found it best to first attempt to charge with the squad and if they make it, then attempt to charge with the character.

Close combat has improved, models can freely leave combat in the movement phase without suffering a free hit, but they generally can’t fire weapons or charge again.

There is no Overwatch, basically any unit being charged can shoot at the attackers but only hit on a 6.

I like this edition, a great improvement over the last edition I played. We will continue to thrash out some games.

I have the new Grey Knights Codex and need to work out if the models I have fit well enough into the revised structure. My Grey Knights were last used when the Inquisition were in the same army list, so I do not have a large number of pure Grey Knights. As we are currently playing 75 power points in a game, I should be okay.

One thing I noticed in the Grey Knights Codex was that my three Forge World models were not listed, it is a good that Google provides all the answers. My two Dreadnoughts and a Vortimer Pattern Land Raider Redeemer are 35 power by themselves.

I am also going to catalog my old Orks and Tyranids to see what I can field but both of these forces are really old and do not include anything released in about the last 20 years. Most of my Orks will look like Gretchin compared to today’s model sizes. Should be fun.