Astropolis Arrives

A rare event indeed, a Kickstarter that delivers BEFORE the estimated date. These were due in December and arrived a week early. Prodos take note…

These sci-fi steampunky figures are from Lead Adventure Miniatures, one of my favourite figure manufacturers, a small outfit, but some fantastic models with great character and detail.
I wanted these for engineers and crew on the rather large Aircraft Carrier I am (slowly) working on.

A Dragon For Dragon Rampant

After several games of Dragon Rampant, I really thought it was time to have a game that actually includes a Dragon.

This is another of those models that has been kicking around in the Loft Full Of Lead for many years. I think my girls persuaded me to buy it when they accompanied me on a trip to a wargames store.
This is a Reaper Dragon that I originally undercoated black and then decided I wanted it in a much lighter final colour. I also noticed on the underside of the base that it is a Bob Olley sculpt.
Just before the weather got really cold and damp, I managed to get it resprayed in white and then did a quick green paint job so it will fit with the rest of the Treefolk warband.

It will get its first outing tonight!

Valencia MotoGP Race

I am just back from a long weekend in Valencia for the final MotoGP race of the year. I had not been to this track before so had been really looking forward to the stadium style layout. The weather was awesome and the racing was red hot. Lorenzo had been on fire all weekend and led from start to finish. The action was for second place with a great battle between Marquez, Iannone and Rossi.
It was the last race for Lorenzo on the Yamaha, last race for ViƱales on the Suzuki and last for Iannone on the Ducati. They all swap bikes for next year.

I now have a long wait until the start of next season.

Axis Marcus Proxy

I needed a Marcus proxy for my Dust Axis force, so Mr Steinberg very nicely bought me a Reaper cyber-ape that fits the role. Rather than actually call him Marcus, I present Marcus’ more belligerent and truculent middle brother Claudius.
He is a bit bigger than the rest of the Kampfaffen, so very suitable as a unit leader.
There may even be a third brother in the near future, known as Cornelius. But this could just be the start of an entire gorilla army in the Dust universe, the Karman Incursion.