I have had a home made fantasy army list for No Quarter knocking around for many years. I had bought some Dryads, a couple of large treemen and some Celtos Sirens to use as the core of a treefolk army. But with so many projects on the go in all sorts of games, these found their way shuffled to the back of the Loft Full Of Lead.
With the release of Dragon Rampant from Osprey Publishing, I was thinking of all the old fantasy figures lurking in the Loft Full Of Lead and remembered I had an unpainted army up there that would be perfect.
To get to the twelve Dryad models ideally required in a unit, I found a single old style Dyrad on eBay to complete them.
These actually took longer to paint than I thought they would, I wanted more than just a wood brown finish.
I may add some foliage here and there and I actually have some static grass now that I can add to the bases.
As a unit, they look quite cool.
I have had these models on round bases for many years waiting to be painted, funny how Warhammer Fanta$y Battle is now all on round bases.


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