Blade Runner 2049

Went to see Blade Runner 2049 last night at a nice big screen, big sound, iSense Imax. Well worth it, a great movie which does not feel nearly 3 hours long!

This is the Blade Runner sequel the world has been waiting for.


Upper Hull Detail

The upper hull of the transport has had plenty of rivets and detail added.

I may still add some more rivets, particularly around the edges.

The front recess also needs a bit more so there are not too many flat spaces left.

I found some really old plastic twin lascannons in the Loft Full Of Lead and have magnetized them so they can be used on the upper deck.

With a couple of magnets added, I can add just about anything now, I may have to make a small crane for hoisting supplies up and down!

An extra turret option on top is also available now.

Adding Details

With the fiddly bit done, the main build of the transport ship is done!

All that is left is to add three more rocket nozzles and more bits of interior detail. Then it is a case of waiting for a nice dry day to undercoat it.

The bridge had some plastic bits added to hide a few gaps, there are still some more control panels and screens to add to the walls here and there.

In the main area of the ship, I am working out where additional wall detail will go, hence a few bits positioned on the deck for the moment.

The resin wall features will be glued in place before undercoating as I want to add extra bits that will be easier to do now before any paint goes on.

It is starting to look finished!

Bridge Fiddly Bit

I went with a curved front wall for the bridge and this presented a small challenge in covering up the remaining space. Rather than use one piece of plastic across the front wall, I decided that multiple panels would be much easier. A rough cut piece of foam board was inserted first to provide some support for the panels.

Each one was cut to shape and trimmed until it fit the desired location.

With all the panels in place, the overall effect is just what I was after.

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