Finished Jetty

The polystyrene, wallpaper and balsa jetty’s painted up okay.

I had to drybrush the inked paper a bit to take the edge off and dull it down a bit.

As a prototype piece, it is fine and now the task is to replicate it on four large 24″ square sections.


Laser Cutting

One of the new things I am getting into is designing my own laser cut MDF accessories. I am not ready to start with any large and complex pieces yet as getting to grips with the terrible software used to create the cutting plans is proving to be a challenge.

My first bits have been some unit status counters and a container thingy for a deck of cards, in particular, a deck of Warhammer 40K Datacards. When the thing is assembled, it looks a bit like this:

As a prototype, it is not bad for my first attempt, it needs some adjustments here and there, but I am quite pleased with how it turned out.

Inked MDF Houses

MDF just soaks up paint, so inking seems to be the way to go. These have been inked with Red Earth ink on the brickwork and Burnt Umber on the roof. A few random bricks were picked out with more ink.

I think the painted white window frames work better than the Burnt Umber ink as they add a better contrast.

These give me some confidence in tackling the large warehouses I have to do.

Mantic Tunneler

This is the Mantic Veer Myn Tunneler I received a short time back from the 2015 Kickstarter, don’t get me started…

Anyway, I will be using this as a Steam Wars Mechanica Tunneler, primarily as a troop transport.

There was the opportunity to make the nose removable so weapons could be added. I added a plate in the nose ring so if no weapons are added, the interior would be hidden behind the plastic card.

So with a weapon added, I could even use this little beastie as a tank for the Mechanic force, something they are lacking at the moment.

To start with, I was not sure which way round to mount the three massive drill bits but then found the image above online which suggests they go on like this:

…and not like this:

Stone Jetty

Recently I had a pile of IKEA furniture to make and it is always supplied with plenty of useful packing material, from polystyrene to hardboard. Being a bit of a hoarder, I tend to keep loads of this stuff for terrain projects, like this:.

Using some of the 20mm thick polystyrene, I have made a couple of short jetty’s that will allow small vessels to moor. These are simply covered in textured wallpaper with some balsa added to trim the edges.

Adding the balsa hides the curved edge to the wallpaper and should look better when painted.

MotoGP Valencia

It is the last MotoGP race of the year on Sunday, I will have no excuse but to get on with painting stuff after this weekend.

Marquez leads the championship and pretty much has to wobble around to win, but he did have his 25th crash in practice/qualifying today after setting pole. Luckily he has only crashed in two races this year…

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