Rogue Stars Non-Human Crew

The first few Rogue Stars games I have played have been using mainly human crews. This was leading me down the route of Space Marines in heavy armour and they all ended up being pretty much the same.

I wanted to try a non-human crew and use a different species for each model.

My first attempt is this motley crew of desperadoes from the far reaches of The Loft Full Of Lead.

I still have to try a massive Dragyri, but that will happen at some stage in the future.

Zoat Hero

I have been collecting Zoats for what seems like ages, keeping an eye out on eBay and buying if the price did not go to high. My plan had been twofold, firstly to make a No Limits army of Zoats and secondly to use them in a retro Tyranid army.

What encouraged me to paint up a test model model recently was to use one in Rogue Stars. Not very happy with the paint job on this one, the inking failed and ended up pooling everywhere.

I will have to start on some of the others, I think there are twenty-six more.

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