The Next Big Thing

The next big thing that I am starting work on is a steampunk aircraft carrier for the British Empire army.

It will be big and take a while to finish…

My first idea, and this was a few years, ago was to scratch build the whole thing, including the hull, but I don’t quite think I have the modelling skills (or the time) to make a ribbed hull from scratch. My ship building projects so far have always used a toy hull as my starting point. So I started with the idea of using a Playmobil Cargo ship hull as my foundation. So after much searching eBay for one at the right price, I finally got my hands on one.cargoship1

But then I spotted an aircraft carrier toy on eBay for a few quid and I bought that as well.carrier001

This means I can use my Playmobil ship will get used for something else in the future.

carrier002Having a deck that is already the right shape should save a lot of time.

I went hunting for some images online to get more inspiration and found this scratch build which started way back in 2009 and ran on for many years on and off. It really is inspiring stuff. The amount of plasticard used must be staggering. This chap Klaus is in Germany I Athena_4375think, and he designed and built what was going to be a flying aircraft carrier for Warhammer $40K. As it evolved, it became a flying Destroyer, instead when he decided the deck was not wide enough. Christened The Athena, all of the weapons were scratch built and have provided some great ideas that I will try to emulate.
Athena_3062The overall construction of his Athena was really quite something as it was built from the hull up with a ribbed construction and incredibly detailed superstructure. I have recently been able to locate a good plasticard supplier (Hurlbat who deliver in ridiculously fast) and will have to make some small pieces up to gauge what I feel I can attempt.

carrier003My overall plans are a bit more straight forward compared to Klaus’ Athena as I at least have a hull to start with. However, I do plan to scratchbuild the control tower and raise the height of the flight deck somehow.


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