New Steam Wars Faction

One of the impulse buys at Salute was another box of Dystopian Legions Automotans and a large Blazing Sun Ironclad. After the experience I had putting together the last box of Automotans, I surprised myself by purchasing some more. How quickly I forget, but on the plus side I picked them up for £8 and this now means I will have a total of twenty, which is the infantry core of a new army. So I am going to work on a new Steam Wars army list that is a mainly robotic force. I think these will be used as a scenario force in some games, the idea being to have two opposing sides trying to capture some intel or technology from the roboforce.
To go with the foot troops, I talked myself into buying the large ball shaped tank from the Dystopian Legions from the Empire Of The Blazing Sun catalog.
I think if it is painted primarily silver and grey with plenty of brass bits, it will turn out very nice.

The final purchase from Salute was a robot model from the new Mauser Earth range. This is a nice resin model that stands about twice the height of a normal sized model. I really like the design and this model may get used in more than one steampunk force.
I am also wondering what else I can find that can get used in the roboforce, I am thinking that my old $40K Dreadnoughts may be suitable.


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