Polyhedron Collider Discusses Kickstarter

There are always so many wargames and boardgames on Kickstarter that it amazes me that so many people keep backing them. Mind you, looking at what I have backed, I guess I am one of them.

There is an interesting article on Polyhedron Collider that agrees with what I have thought for a while, Kickstarter is now just a pre-ordering facility for most wargames and boardgame producers. I must say that I agree with the comment about how wargames generate huge piles of cash based on the miniatures and not the rules. Sedition Wars was a very nice set of figures but a disappointing set of rules. Not having learnt my lesson yet, I have jumped in and pledged even more for Aliens versus Predator.

Most Kickstarters have a thirty day funding period. There are usually more that a hundred on the go at any moment. That is a lot of new games coming out every year. I can’t keep up with them all.

hardsuitThere have been a few failures in the games genre, Defiance Games’ Hardsuits is the one I hear the most about, seems the whole company had just vanished. With the $46,492. The comments pages on the Defiance Games Kickstarter is a long rant of very unhappy people that pledged in good faith and were ripped off by Defiance Games.

I had been tempted with the Defiance Games models, but I resisted. Lucky I suppose.

Rivet_Wars_BoxI have bought into a few other Kickstarters over the last few years and I am still waiting for a few to deliver, Relic Knights being the longest outstanding at fourteen months late.

For me, the best of my pledged AND delivered Kickstarters so far is Rivet Wars, although the second phase of the model range has not arrived yet.


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