We had another bash at Gaslands last week with some of my newly designed a laser cut Gates.

These are defiantly a better design than my first two attempts and they are much easier to put together.

I tried out an unarmed Performance Car for the first time to see if its speed would help to keep it out of trouble. That tactic does not work as it takes a while to accelerate, during which time, your opponent takes chunks out of him.

This was a strange game, the only vehicle left at the end actually got left behind at the start but came through to inflict the killing blow on the only other vehicle left.

We managed to use some rules that we had not used in our first game and this helped some with some appalling dice rolls.

The Gates should be available soon from Products For Wargamers and at Salute for those in the London area.


One thought on “Gaslands”

  1. Love the gates, look very cool. I haven’t seen Gaslands yet. Is it more racing than open driving or does it work in both modes? Had the rules for Warlands:Deathrace for a while, just not 100% happy with them and didn’t get time to work on them with my health issues last year. We have run it at conventions for years but I wanted to do something more with it to publish. Sounds like you had fun with Gaslands though. 😁

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