New Stuff

I mentioned that I had bought some new stuff for a few ongoing projects recently, some in America and some at the Derby Worlds Wargames show on Saturday.
From the Bad Squiddo Games stand, I bought a couple of packs of bits, some steampunk basing bits that will make good objectives and a nice selection of treasure chests for pirate games and Frostgrave.

Most of my oriental models have more of a fanstasy theme and with an upcoming game of Ronin in a couple of weeks, I wanted some Ashigaru with various weapons.ashigaru1
These two packs came from AW Miniatures at a very reasonable £5 per pack!
I have had my eye on this next model for some time, the Reaper Clockwork Dragon. It is from the Bones range so the body and legs are made from soft plastic which does have a habit of bending out of shape; submersing in boiling water is the cure for that. The wings on the other hand are hard plastic, they simply would not have worked as soft plastic.
The mechanical Dragon is planned for my Dragon Rampant Dwarf army which uses the plenty of steam powered Rackham Dwarves. It is about time I had a dragon to use in a Dragon Rampant army, is it in the name after all.

I also managed to pick up some cheap Dust Steel Guard models, not sure what I want to use them for yet, but I do like the models. They may end up in my new Steampunk roboarmy. Some other new models purchased that will definitely be in my roboarmy are some Warmachine Eliminators and the Dust Winter Child character. For some air support, a bought some very cheap AT-43 Karman King Buggy’s for conversions, and at $6 each, why not!

Last, but by no means least, top of my list for the Derby show was the new Ironclad Miniatures Steampunk Rotocopter. This is a great model for my British army, but I suspect the Mr Steinberg‘s pesky American Navy may also have acquired one. I need to drill a large hole in the fuselage for a tall flight stand and then see about a couple of small bombs.

I had better get building and undercoating…


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