Marauders OF Vile-Tis

Another of the final Rackham Devourer releases were these multi-part Marauders Of Vile-Tis.
They could go together in a variety of ways, all in fantastic dynamic poses.
I liked the throwing blades, which means I can give them a short range missile attack in Dragon Rampant.
My Devourer army is the only force I have ever painted without flocking the bases. All of Rackhams painted models were displayed on plain black bases, so as the Devourers were easy to mount with pins and not with the slotta tab, I though I would give it a go. I don’t think I would do it again, but as a one off, it was nice to do something different.
All five Marauders are fine sight and make for a good sized unit in Dragon Rampant.


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